• not vaccinating, anyone else?

  • You really should consider vaccinating your children. If you are unsure, try reading the American Academy of Pediatrics vaccination recommendations and discuss your fears with your doctor. Most vaccination fears are based off of an old study that has since been discredited (several times). Dont' let misinformation cloud your judgment about vaccinations.

    In the 1950's there were over 700,000 cases of measles in the United States alone and 500 children died each year because of this deadly disease. Now, thanks to the MMR vaccine, there are fewer than 100 cases a year and less than 5 deaths. BUT due to many parents who are choosing not to vaccinate their children, that number is on the rise again. Before you make any decisions, read plenty of information from reputable medical resources and discuss it with your pediatrician. Hope this helps a bit.


  • Well my baby is 6 months old and she has had all of her shots so far.  My friend did not vaccinate her baby and she got rotavirus.  She had to be hospitalized it was really sad.  My daughter had just had that shot.  My doctor went over all of the risks involved in not vaccinating my baby and I could not think of one good reason not to vaccinate her.  The doc said it was my choice but he reccomended she be vaccinated.  I cant tell you what is the right thing to do but from my experience so far it has been a really good thing.

  • We are vaccinating our twin boys (6 months), but had the same fears as you may be having. We decided to spread out thier vaccines, so they don't get all of them in one day.  That seems like too much of an overload of additives in thier little bodies. 

    Just something to think about.

  • I'm a pediatric nurse practitioner and I am all for vaccines. However, in my practice, we accept patients who have parents who are against vaccinations. Why are you against vaccinations?

  • im thinking of only vaccinating to an extent. Im looking up different vaccinations and figuring what one i feel are the right ones for my baby because honestly its a very scary thing to see what has happened to babies after some cases.

  • Brandi - I would talk to your pediatrician. There are schedules that they can give you to spread the vaccines out over a longer period of time if it concerns you to have them all given on the normal schedule. I would really consider the dangers and scary situations that can happen when you do NOT vaccinate your children. What are your specific fears?

  • I'm curious as to what your concerns are about the vaccinations. Is it a concern that your baby might have some sort of side effects from the vaccines?