Infant massage----have you tried it?

  • When I worked in the hospital, we used to teach an infant massage class. Infants

    and babies of any age respond very well to touch and skin to skin is great for

    bonding. Infant massage, if done correctly, can relax and even soothe a cranky

    baby. I generally try to massage my babies after their baths with a mild,

    fragrance free baby lotion. They love it and it gives me a chance to really bond

    with them. Have you ever tried infant massage? Does it work to soothe your


  • My massage therapist has a new baby and she said that her baby just loves to have her feet rubbed!  She said that she smiles and "cooes" the whole time she rubs her feet.  To cute! Big Smile  -Jess

  • I thought about trying this at one point and kind of forgot about it...I think I'll add it into my routine! I've heard great things about it - curious to hear from other people if they have done it!