6 month old doesn't like to be on the floor

  • Hello moms,

    I have a 6 month old girl, and she cries after a couple of minutes being on the playmat.  I read somewhere it says that 85% of babies sit up by themselves by 6 months.  My daughter however hasn't even tried to do that yet.  Actually she's never been on the floor long enough to try.  I'd put her down and then I'd have to sit there to entertain her.  Once she flips over on her tummy, she immediately flips back or she'd cry.  She's so busy complaining because she doesn't want to be lying down, she doesn't have time to try to do anything.  Have you guys ever run into this problems? 


  • I've found that you can drive yourself crazy worrying about your baby being in the 15% who don't do something as compared to the 85% who do. When it comes to floor time and tummy time, babies are on their own schedule. Keep offering incentives to your baby to be on the floor by you being there yourself or offering her favorite toy. I'm sure you have done this lots already, but keep trying and one of these times, she will respond. You should definitely consult with your doctor about it by your next well visit, but don't be alarmed if your baby is a little slower at some things than others at this point... she'll come around.

  • Answer Dad is right, keep offering her time on the floor and eventually she will get used to it. Also, make sure you are not putting her on the floor when she is already tired or hungry. Try for floor time in the morning after she eats when she is probably in the best mood.