Help my 4 month old has stranger anxiety!

  • My 4 month old is already starting to show signs of stranger anxiety. He is all

    smiles if someone he doesn't know talks to him, but if someone other than me or

    my husband picks him up, he immediately pouts and starts to cry. He seems fine

    with other people, as long as they keep their distance. I know he is a bit young to

    exhibit “stranger anxiety”, but I really think that he is. How does your baby react

    to strangers? Is he or she displaying signs of stranger anxiety? How do you help

    them calm down?

  • Infants can exhibit stranger anxiety as early as 3 months old, so your child is not too young to be showing these signs. Between 3 to 6 months of age, infants develop an awareness of strangers and may experience anxiety in their presence. This is completely normal and is not a sign that you will have an anxious child. Reassure your infant in a soft voice or touch when he is around strangers and make sure he is aware of your presence. A child will usually outgrow stranger anxiety completely by the age of 2 or 3.