Playing with baby

  • I have a 11 week old baby and I'm a first time mom.  I'm wondering how much I should be playing with her and how much time she should be spending alone to explore her hands and look around at her new environment? Sometimes I worry that shes getting bored so I tire myself out playing with her and trying to come up with new things to do with her.  I don't want to overstimulate her yet I don't want to make her bored.  What are some of ya'lls daily routines as far as playing with baby and maybe putting her in the swing?.


  • Honestly, I don't know what the right/wrong answer is because I am also a first time mom-my little girl is 8 weeks old. Since I don't work I never leave her side unless she is asleep...really, if a family member is holding her I am right there too. I don't put her in the swimg because I enjoy holding her, but my grandma will sneak her in there if I take a potty break and when I come back and she's asleep I can't find it in myself to wake her up. My grandma says I'm spoiling her, but I've read enough to where I have formed my own opinion that babies can't be spoiled. I just thought I would tell you my schedule. Oh, I usually have to rock her to sleep. She is a little demanding already-if she doesn't get her bottle made in 1.6 minutes, then she starts crying...I don't think most babies do that, but I'm not sure.

  • I am also a first time mom but have learned that as your baby gets older you will learn his/her routine. For example my son will wake up in the morning I will change then feed him. Once his food has settled a little I will put him in his swing, once he gets bored with those surroundings I will put him on his play mat for some tummy/play time and once he tires of that I will put him in his jumperoo.  You don't have to wear yourself out keeping baby occupied or else they will not learn how to do this on their own as they get older. I am not saying not to play with them but you don't have to constantly be their entertainment.  I will stay in the same room with him and when he starts to "talk" I will sit on the floor next to him and "talk" back to him to let him know he is not alone.  My son is almost five months and when was the same age as yours I also constantly worried that he was bored, if that is the case just move to a different room altogether. Maybe fold laundry in your room or move to the kitchen to do dishes or the office to do some work on the computer.

    You just have to give your baby some time so they can develop the routine and you are just along for the ride! 

    Good luck and keep us posted!