Fussiness & Colic

  • Anyone have a cryer?  Using Alimentum?  Just started using today, wanted to hear what other moms though of it?


  • I have talked with tons of moms who use Alimentum. The biggest thing is to give your baby time to adjust to it. It takes several days to see a big change, but then it seems to really help out a lot.

  • My daughter starting crying for hours each night at about 5 weeks old. She is now 3 months and someone recently told me about Alimentum. We started it a couple weeks ago and it has made a huge difference. It took about 4 days to see changes.

  • I agree with BabyNurse. It seems like with both my girls we played trial and error with formulas and it very likely was because we didn't give them enough time to adjust. My pedi recommends at least two weeks on a formula before considering switching.