new mom of 4 month old daughter

  • My 4 month old daughter has recently decided that she doesn't like it when we leave her.  She's fine when she goes to daycare(2-3 days per week), but doesn't want to stay with anyone else or be taken by anyone when we are holding her.  My husband and I tried to go out for our anniversary the other night and left her with my mom(who's been watching her since she was born) and it didn't go so well.  She started screaming about 10mins after we left only stopping to eat when she was due and then starting right back up again when finished.  My mom wound up calling me after she had been doing it for an hour, asking us to come home.  By the time we got home she had cried herself to sleep.  We been through every reasoning, we even thought early teething, but even the infant pain medicine didn't help.  Any suggestions?

  • It could be just plain old separation anxiety, but 4 months seems a little young. I always say rule out a medical issue that could cause this (like acute gas or other digestion issues), but it wouldn't seem to be the case since it only happens when you are not there. Hopefully she will outgrow this.