Baby Pictures

  • My sister-in-law had very artsy pictures of her family taken within a few weeks of both of her children’s birth. The photos were beautiful and will certainly be a wonderful keepsake to look back on as her little ones grow.

    Myself, I am more a traditionalist (so-to-speak) relying on my digital camera at home, visiting JC Penny’s portrait studios once or twice a year, and snagging shots my in-laws have taken while visiting. How do you mark your little ones’ milestones and everyday bouts of inspired cuteness?

  • I do a little of everything. I've had some super nice (expensive) photos done and tons of really cute department store photos as well. I have taken thousands of pictures with my digital camera. I can get those developed for six cents each online.

  • We go for a photoshoot once or twice a year, and the rest of the time snap digital pictures on our trips or around the house. We also keep her drawings and things she makes at preschool in a big plastic box under the bed.

  • I saved a lot of the things from the hospital for my daughter's scrapbook and baby book.  I also saved anything else that I thought had special meaning of some sort.  I also take tons of pictures with my digital.  For the first year we went to Sears for pictures every 3 months.  We haven't been for awhile now, but I thought we'd go to JC Penney in a few weeks to get a family picture.  I thought it would be cute to have one family picture before the baby (with me being very pregnant) and to have another when he's a few weeks old.

  • I had  pictures taken of my little girl at all most a month old and when she was 2 months old we had family potrait taken both done at portrait studios but we take alot of digital photos.  I think I may have another picture taken when she is 6 months & 1 year old at the portrait studios. 

  • I have portraits of my older daughter from 3 months, 8 months, 13 months, and 24 months. With my younger daughter, however, we only got portraits at 8 months. I'm planning on taking her this week to get pictures done, but I feel guilty for not documenting her development as extensively as I did with her sister.

    jnjfischer, I totally do the same thing. My baby books are filled with hospital bracelets, hand prints, first scribbles, first haircut certificate, pictures from daycare, etc. Even if I'm not so good at writing everything down, these little mementos are just as precious.

  • I don't think my digital camera is ever out of my reach...just in case my 10 week old does something just too cute to pass up on a picture. I think that my husband and I will starting taking a yearly family shoto session in the fall.

  • We just had our family pictures taken at J C Penney today!  We're planning on going back again after the baby comes.  I figure it would be nice to have family pictures before and after as well as some with just the kids and some of each of them on their own.  I went ahead and bought the club membership they offer too.  I think it was a really good deal.  It was on sale for $19.99 down from a regular price of $39.99.  Very good deal considering the sitting fee for each person would be $9.99 per visit.  I figure that after that first photo session with baby we'll probably go back about every 3 months (or close to holidays) for the first year.  He's due in June, so we'll go in July, probably October, December, around Easter, and then for his birthday.  After that I don't know how often I'll take them, I guess it just depends on how they act.  Today my 4 year old did GREAT with the actual picture taking, but she was horrible when it came time to order.

  • I just got pics from JC Penny for my two-year-old, too. A good friend of mine is a photgrapher there and she got the most beautiful pictures of my daughter. Funny thing is that I had bought some colorful silk flowers for her to use in her pictures. Wouldn't you know it, she threw them in the garbage before we left! When I asked her where they were later that evening, she was so proud to tell me that she threw them out. All I could do was laugh.

  • I have my digital camera for day-to-day shots.  I am extremely lucky that a friend of mine is a professional photographer and takes photos of Korbyn and Mommy and Daddy.  At the beginning of each month, we go somewhere new (we like outdoor shots) and take pictures.  Nothing beats the candid shots with the digital camera, but the professional photos are in a league of their own!

  • A lot of the time these days we end up using our cellphone cameras because they are handy. Its part of the reason when I upgrade my phone in a few more months I'm making sure it has a really good camera on it!

  • When my baby was born I wanted the annoucement pictures done by the hospital but their machine was down so I went to Wal-Mart. I was so disappointed by those pictures but thought I was just a new mommy and no one can do right by my child so I purchased the annoucements there. After leaving Wal-Mart my husband let me know that he was not real happy with the pictures either.

    A month later it was my birthday and my husband purchased me a Nikon D60 camera and I am taking beautiful pictures of my son at home. I personally think that digital pics taken at home are better than those taken at the studio since you have to make an appointment at the studio's and who knows how your child is going to be feeling on that day and at that time.

  • I used a disposable camera until my daughter was 3 months old. Then my boyfriend bought me a digital camera for Valentine's day, so I use it constantly to take pictures of my baby girl. When my daughter was a month old we took her to wal-mart to get christmas pictures. I saved her I.D. braclet and her outfit that she came home in from the hospital, and her blankets.

  • My digital camera is always close by, and I use the camera on my cell phone a lot because Thomas has lots of family out of town who love to get picture messages.  We are fortunate that we've got a photagrapher in the family as well, so as soon as he's big enough (he was 8 weeks early) we're going to start taking family shots on a monthly basis too.  It's amazing how much and how quickly they change and grow! 

  • We haven't had a family photo (other than a snapshot) taken since October of 2005! How sad is that? I keep thinking about it, but never get around to setting a date. I am getting so behind. I didn't even have Easter or Christmas photos taken.