HELP-How to entertain friends with an 8 month old...

  • I know this may seem easy to some people but this is hard for me. I am trying to learn how to introduce my little boy to all parts of my life: but having out-of-town guests and my baby.. I have never done this but with family. ANY tips on what to do with them? I am so afraid it's going to be bottle time and then nap time and they will end up sitting on our sofa watching tv while I put him to sleep and then while he's sleeping...we are going to sit around and watch more tv... Any ideas on what to do with them and baby? 

    Stressing out! Zip it!


  • Relax and breathe while he takes in all the ahhs and oohs because that is probably what is going to happen. Any time you put into trying to make it a great visit will go un noticed because he will take all of the attention. If you are not breastfeeding than you probably won't even get to feed him because everyone else will want to do it. Plan on some light appetizers like cheese, crackers, fruit, salad, buffalo wings/chicken tenders and some wine or juice if they don't drink. Keep it simple, remember you are the one with the baby and trying to entertain. You will have plenty of time in the months/years to come for better entertaining but for now don't worry about looking like a super mom to the family and friends and enjoy that little one because they grow so fast. Good luck.Drinks