i am a teen mom and need ideas...

  • i need ideas to help my 3 week old fall and stay asleep at night...i have tried everything...i give her warm baths, feed her,rock her,use the swing or vibrating bouncy chair....and also i get very frustrated to the point all i do is hold her and cry so i could use some advice

  • Hello, I am a mother of two and am due Jan 1 with number three, I too was a teen with my oldest daughter and can understand the helplessness you might be feeling. A good friend of mine had the same problem with her premature son when he was born, and the only way he would sleep was in his carseat, so for the first couple of months thats where he slept! I know that not any two babies are the same, but its worth a try, unfortunately at 3 weeks its going to be a very slight chance that she will stay asleep for more than a couple hours at a time. Best of luck to you and yours!!!!

  • Your best idea is to remain patient. At three weeks, a couple of hours at a time is all you can hope for. Car seats and swings can sometimes help if the baby will not sleep at all, but until her stomach is big enough to hold the nourishment she needs, she willw ake and want to be fed every couple of hours. My philosophy was to get baby through the first three months... after that, things begin to normalize and your life gets more sane. Hang in there!

  • I am a mom to four kiddos. My youngest is 8 months old and just started sleeping through the night at about 6 months. At 3 weeks old, you expect your baby to wake up every 2-4 hours to eat. There is a point (I think it's around 3-4 weeks) that they go through a growth spurt. So if your baby was sleeping for longer stretches before this point maybe this is what's going on. 

    Also, she will pick up on your frustration, so take a few deep breaths and (I know you are exhausted) try to remember that she won't be this little/needy for very long and enjoy your time with her. 

  • I am a mom of three with my fourth due the first week of October.  I will start by saying that all 3 of my kids had/have different sleeping habits, but in most cases they settled into good routines.  It sounds like you've tried warm baths ( maybe with the lavender bath wash or lotion?). The carseat idea is a good one too... I have used it myself.  I know that it's rough and being young can make it harder for you. Patience goes a long way and if you can be calm the baby will sense that...when you get upset the baby senses that also.  I'm not sure what kind of support system you have, but if there's someone there to trade off with you even if it's for 15-20 mins to gain your own sense of calm back that can really help.  I'm sure diaper and hunger have already been addressed at this point... so hang in there and I am sure you will find what soothes your baby the best. 

  • Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do but ride it out. At just 3 weeks old, they are supposed to wake up every 2-3 hours in order to eat. They need to eat in order to grow. You shouldn't try to make them sleep throughout the night at such a young age. That's what babies do. 

    Mine is 6 weeks old today and just this past week started sleeping 4-5 hours. We feed him around 8:30-pm and put him in his crib. Then he wakes up around 1-1:30am. Feed again then he doesn't wake up until around 5:30am. Right before he fell into this schedule, he was waking up every single hour. I'd be lucky to get 2 hours of sleep in a row. 

    It will eventually come around. For right now, no matter how exhausted you are, realize that they need to wake up frequently to eat in order to grow. As they get older, they will sleep a little longer.

  • i use the three b's bath bottal and bed i give my little girl a bath i let her play in the water for about 15 mins then wash her up . i use baby shampoo and body wash made with lavender and chamomile (dollar genral) and after i dry her off i use lavender and chamomile lotion (same place) and then feed her and rock her to asleep she has slept all night sense she was 2 months old. i hope this helps

  • The staying asleep will come with time - my little one started sleeping 5 hrs at 4 weeks and 7 hrs at 6 weeks but that is pretty rare.  Baths never helped for me, my husband randomly started doing tummy time at night as a last resort and that actually works pretty well. She hates it, and there is a lot of crying but it wears her out, sometimes she falls alseep on her little mat and we just have to move her to the crib. We also found taking her for a drive (or if you cant you can put the baby in the car seat and put it on top of the dryer for a smilar effect.) Best of luck!

  • when my son was 3 weeks he started having sleeping problems to! i think its just a stage they go threw for real but what helped him out was i put a couple of blankets under the matress in his bassent so it would be at an angel and not just flat and it really helped him alot! i just put him up on my chest so that he's on his belly against me and pat his bottom then once he's sleeping put him in his bassent and he usually sleeps good other than waking up to eat! another thing is try and keep her up more during the day like play with her and take her for walks and stuff and it will make her sleep better at night to!