TV and Infants

  • My infant was born in March and I already noticed that she is fascinated by the sounds coming from the TV. I want to limit the amount of television that my newborn daughter is exposed to; however, I want her to be stimulated. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies should not be exposed to television under the age of 2 and once age 2, only 1-2 hours of quality programming per day. Do you allow your infants to watch TV?

  • No way.  No TV for our little one.  TV before age 2 is not only not good for them, but some studies show that it may actually be harmful. Turn it off.

    There are many more "positive" stimulating things you can with your infant - human interaction is what's needed, not staring passively at a screen.

  • I don't let my little one watch to much t.v., because she won't sit in her bouncer that long anyways.  But I don't see anything wrong with letting the baby see some colors to stimulate them while you do some dishes or wash some clothes.  I only allow cartoons for children and no violence or cursing.  I mean they have so many baby videos and stuff for little babies to watch and learn from.  Why would they make them (such as baby einstien) if children under 2 were not suppose to watch television?

  • I don't think a small amount of television is bad as long as it isn't used as a "babysitter."  My little one was fascinated by the lights and sounds of the television, too.  Now that she's just a bit older, I do let her watch an episode of 'Curious George' occasionally... LOL.  She will bounce around in her Exersaucer and watch for a bit.  We "talk" constantly and spend lots of time playing and snuggling and her development is excellent so I don't thing a little TV is a problem.

  • My son is now 11 months as of today. The first 5 months I didn't really let him watch tv however, now I let him watch some tv. He loves music, he loves SID the science kid which is educational. I don't think it's harmful. I think it's good to allow your baby to see different colors, pictures and sound. They can learn from it too. I think it's a problem when you allow your child to watch TV all day. He plays, likes me to read to him sing and is continuing to make good develoopment milestones, so I don't think its harmful. 

  • I dont think is such a big deal if you just allow a cuple of minutes of tv....

  • My daughter was born in March also and she loves the lights and picture changes on the TV.  I don't see it as a problem.  She loses interest after a minute or two anyway.  Plus, I feel like if you restrict it then they'll only want it more.  I do agree that there are plenty of other things out there for babies to be stimulated by.  My daughter is still intrigued by her own little hands and that occupies her for longer than the TV.  :)

  • I don't see it as any different as toys with colored lights for young babies.  Like all stimulation at a young age, you want to expose them to a variety of experiences. 

  • I think they they want to avoid parents using the TV as the babysitter, but I have turned on animal planet, PBS, or discovery to have in the background while we play. It gives her something different to look at without just plopping her in front of it to become a "TV zombie." I just make sure to talk to her about what she's seeing, and then continue playing as well.