Help I dont trust ANYONE to watch my baby

  •  I need some helpful advice. I know its healthy to have alone time, however I just am afraid of letting anyone watch my baby for me. My husband is trying to encourage it so we can go do things together but I'm afraid if someething happens I won't be there. I dont even trust my sister who has two children ages 2 and 4 and is great with them. I'm so confused. How do you know when it's okay to let go a liitle bit. It's my first baby so naturally i'm a little protective. However theres a time when enoughs enough. I know i'm not the first mom to go through this so i'm hoping some of you who have can tell me how you got over this. Please help!Tongue Tied

  • I went through the same thing. I didn't leave my son until he was a few months old and it was with my dad and stepmother. I cried when we left and had chest pain all through dinner. :) I was hating everyone at dinner b/c they ate so slow. It was horrible. The good news is it got easier each time. My advice is pick someone you are very close to, so that deep down you know you do not have cause for concern and just go for it. Your husband will thank you!

  • My girl is my world and she is my first i am a young mom and i am really nervous about leaving her alone i dont even leave her with her dad!!!! however i have found that i can leave her with my mom and she is fine. she loves my mom and is really attached to her so sarrah is fine even if it kills me to leave her. and my mom doesnt even mind that i call ever half hour to check on her. i even had to leave her overnight when my husband and i went to meet so family and my mom didnt mind me keeping her up all night calling. my advice find someone that you and your baby trust and just let them know i will be calling more than likely they will understandWink

  • Family is always my first choice, even though I know that any of the young girls from daycare would be a great sitter. I went through exactly the same thing as you with my first baby. I didn't leave her with anyone excapr my parents (though I was living with them at the time) until she was 18 months at least. And then I took baby steps: one hour, then two with a home-based daycare, the owner of which was a good friend of my mom's. Then when I felt comfy enough to put my daughter into preschool, I chose a place that was owned/run by someone I've known most of my life. But it didn't matter how much reassurance I got, it was still hard letting go.

    Even with my little one, I didn't want to put her in daycare until she was at least 6-months old, though I knew it would be fine. I think there just comes a time when you just have to take the leap. I know it's so hard, especially with your first baby, but it's usually worse on you than it is on your child. And remember, you can always call to check in whenever you need to.

  • Separation anxiety is a real concern - especially with first time parents. I recommend taking small steps, pick someone you trust to watch your child and then go out for a short trip. Try not to focus on being away, but on where you are instead. And yes, feel free to call and check on them as much as you need to (every half hour or hour is a good amount of time depending on your comfort level). It took my wife a long time to be able to go out without our daughter, and even still she likes to check in - it's completely normal. Trust that whoever you choose will call you too if anything is even slightly unordinary, they understand you and want to help as much as possible too.

  • thank you so much for taking the time to give me all your helpful advise.Smile

  • Everyone in this community is here to help, I'm glad you are benefiting from it Smile. Let us know how it goes, I'm sure you'll have lots to tell after the first trip out!

  • I was the same at first sooo nervous but its gets easier and my daughter also loves my mom to death. Once she knows that you will always come back for her they warm up to the idea.

  • We have the same experience. I often stay at home and chose to work online only for the reason that I don't want to leave my little girl. I am worried every time I leave her alone with her nanny. Until now I don't know how to leave here with anyone. Every time I buy grocery I bring her with me.

  • I will try to follow your suggestion StrongDad07, Wishing this could help me and other moms who experience the same situation.