• Heyy im new to this site i dont exactlly no how it works but.. im willin to give it a try!

    My baby boy Colten is two months old almost three now! : ) hes gettin so big wayy to fast

    He was born May 2nd at 9Ib 6oz and 191/2 inches long. a big boyy!! lol

    i had him at the doc. a month ago and he was 14lbs and 23 inches long..

    well hes my first soo id really like to hear some baby storys like when they

    start crawlin, walkin, talkin ya no all that good stuff!! : )   thanksss


  • Congratulations and welcome to Strongmoms! I have two daughters, Reagan is almost 3 and Ryan is 18 months. My wife and I are expecting our third in December.

    Both of our girls began to crawl at different times, as my youngest crawled at about 10 months and walked at 13 months. Ryan crawled later and walked earlier. They began to say a few words in the months following their first birthday and sya multi-word sentences by about 2.

    Good luck. He's adorable!

  • AW! Congrats! I'm actually 8 months pregnant with my 2nd baby. My first child is now 1, he just turned 1 on the 17th... he started crawling at 9 months, he's starting to walk already but still has his little falls, it's so amazing!!! He mumbles ALOT and he only knows one word "Amber" which is his 11 yr old aunt's name lol. It's really cute. Have the camera ready!!! I didn't =[ but i won't ever forget those moments. You're going to have so much fun! Congrats! =]