8 months Day care or Mothers day out!

  • I became a mom in November of 2009 and had a sick child who was in the hospital for the first 2 months of his live. I am a hair stylest and have been workin part time to keep him home. He is so attached to me. I have enrolled him in Mothers day out. I am thinking he may cry the hole time. Should I just put  him in daycare full time so it is more of a schedule or just leave him in Mothers day out.



  • I may not be a perfect advisor since I'm a firsttime mom with 6 month old son, but I think it's ok for babies to be attached to moms in their 1st year. I cut down my working hours in half to stay with him more and keep him home too. I too sometimes worry about him getting attached to me too much but he will get better as he grows older eventually. Until age of 2 or at least 16~18 months, keep him home with you. I think it's a great idea to leave him in Mothers day out for both of you guys. Hope this helps!