baby hates to be swaddled!!!

  • my baby hates to be swadled . He is 5weeks old and only liked it for his first week! i even bought the velcrow swaddle blanket i heard him cry and rip out of it over thr monitor!! is this normal?

  • Is he having trouble sleeping other than with the swaddling? If not skipping it shouldn't hurt. We tried swaddling our daughter but she hated it and as soon as we stopped she had much fewer issues sleeping through the night.

  • Not every baby likes to be swaddled, and many begin to wriggle out of their receiving blankets when they get enough motor control over their arms. It's not unusual.

    Are you concerned about keeping him warm, comforted, or on his back when he sleeps? If he really doesn't want to be swaddled, there are other ways to address those concerns, such as blanket sleepers and sleep positioners. If he's trying to get out of being swaddled, he's probably not seeking comfort. My advice would be to do what makes him most comfortable.

  • My baby boy hated swaddling too!  The nurses thought I wasn't doing it right and I even had one claim that I was just lying about it!!!  I think he was just too active (being a boy) and didn't want to be confined.  He even seemed to stretch a lot inside of me.  I just survived without it and moved on to something else to soothe him with.  As far as night time goes, I LOVE the bed blankets (the ones you put over outfits not the ones that have the sleeves on them

  • I really like the sleep sacks for babies that do not like being swaddled. It keeps them warm, but gives them the freedom of movement that some babies want.