• I am sure this topic has been addressed, but I am not on here frequently.  I have 5 month old twins.  They usually nap about 3 times a day.  My one usually will nap about an hour at a time, the other I am lucky  he goes 1/2 hour to 45 minutes.  I know for his age that isn't enough naptime.  Is there any tricks to trying to get them to sleep longer at naptime?  He gets cranky by evening because he hasn't slept well throughout the day.  He also fights going to sleep for naptime.  I don't have any problem with either at night.  They go down easily around 10:00 and usually sleep until about 8:00.   Thanks.

  • I would try two things: an earlier bedtime (8pm) and decrease to two long naps. So, bed from 8pm until whenever. Then an early morning nap and an afternoon nap. This might help balance them out a bit.

  • I agree with Baby Nurse. Sometimes some rocking, soothing music, and encouragement to go back to sleep can help keep them in bed and on more of a sleep schedule. Have you also considered putting them down in different rooms so one doesn't wake the other?

  • It's been a while since I've been on here.  I'm sure this is a common topic. I too need HELP with daytime naps. My baby is 6 mos old yesterday. Naps are a nightmare at my house.  I'm lucky if she takes two naps a day. She fights naps and when she finally does fall asleep, they are 20 minutes to 35 min. That's it.  Rarely does she sleep an hour. That would be wonderful. Her sleep at night is not consistent. She goes down 8:30 - 9:00, but sometimes wakes up several times and maybe gets 7-8 hrs sleep combined and other times she sleeps 10 hrs straght. It's never the same. She is very restless when sleeping. She's up anywhere between 5:30 and 8:00 am.  I've heard babies can have insomnia.  Is anyone familiar with that?

  • Do you keep her one a schedule as much as possible? Having a set bedtime and wake time is important  so that baby knows what to expect and when. Also having set nap times is essential for good naps. If baby wakes at 8am then put her down 2-21/2 hours from that point, so 10/10:30. REpeat again in 2-21/2 hours for a second nap. Her nap should be no less than an hour. A lot of babies "fuss" 25-45 min into their naps and parents mistake this for waking. She may even have her eyes open, but give her a few minutes and see if she goes back to sleep. My son does this at every nap! He sleeps 2 hours twice a day(5 months old). Be consistent and you'll get there!! I promise! 

  • Great advice Pingg22! It is important to keep a good night routine with an early bedtime. A baby that doesn't sleep enough at night will not nap well during the day.

  • Thanks for the suggestions.  I have a scheduled nighttime routine and they do well with it.  I have been putting them down around 9:00 (goal is to be down by 8:00) and they are sleeping until 7:30-8:00.  Most times til 8:00.  I wasn't sure how to do naptime's since I have one good sleeper and another not so good. They were both taking naps at different times and that was getting tiring and would like them to take at the same time.   I didn't realize that about 1/2 to 45 minutes in they can get fuzzy and just to let them cry as long as they aren't needing any of the basics.  I was making the mistake with the one that he was ready to get up.  So I will give that a try.  I also wasn't sure if 2 or 3 naps a day were needed.   Thanks for the help and well keep posted on how the naptime goes. 

  • I hope you can get them to nap at the same time. I bet it seems like you spend the entire day trying to get them to sleep.