Premie success stories

  • Our April Fools Day was very eventful because our son decided to make his grand debut 8 weeks early!  I was in labor for about 3 hours and Thomas was born 4lbs 9oz and 17 1/3 inches long.  He's doing very well three days later, has never needed a respirator, is taking 26mL by mouth every three hours, and regulating his body temp very well. 

    The doctors have told us that with premies they usually keep them in the hospital until their due date, which for us is May 21st but as well has he's doing we're hopeful that he'll get to come home sooner  We're not going to rush him by any means, but we're encouraged by his progress.

    Does anyone else have a premie success story?  How did your family cope with living in the hospital until you were discharged, and how was your transition to home life?

  • I'm so glad he is okay! How are you doing? Are you able to stay with him a lot?

  • congrats to u  and your new little one, i knowBig SmileSmile how stressful it may be and overwhelming my son was born 127-2008 at 26 weeks 2pounds 8 oz and was not due untill march 12 and he came home feb18th so im sure u will be home long before your due date ! =) my baby now weighs 10 pounds and is doing great! if u have any questions or just need to talk e-mail i know how u feel! good luck and congrats again!Smile

  • WOW congrats on how well he is doing!!  My son was 6 weeks early and spent almost two weeks in the NICU.  He was 6 lbs and 19.5 inches long.  The docs wanted to know if they had the due date right because he was so big for a premie...but by the way he progressed they knew it was right.  They also said that white boys are the last to fully develop all of their skills when they are premies.  My son did not need help breathing at all but they needed to feed him through a tube in his nose (gavage) because he would not nipple (i couldn't breast feed either), he had an iv in his head, and also was treated for jaundus (i think that is how u spell it :) and there were days I couldn't hold him at all.  It was the most miserable two weeks of my life!!  It was so hard to leave at night and I bawled every time i had to leave.  I would stay until midnight every night and then get back at 6 am.  My husband would drag me out of the bestadvice to you is to take care of yourself because you will not get it when you get home and will want and need all of the energy you can get!!!  I ended up in the hospital two days after he was home because of placenta left in me and it was not pretty...if i would have paid more attention to me i would have known that something was wrong and had it taken care of before i was rushed away in an ambulance! 

    As for transitioning to home it was great but don't worry if you don't do things the way they do them in the hospital.  Do it the way you want and don't have regrets!!  My son is now 16 pounds and doing great!!!  The only thing that he struggles with is holding his head up but it is coming along very well.  Just be prepared for him to be a little behind in things...and if he doesn't you will be that much more surprised!!

    Best of luck to you and tell that little man of your great job!!!