I don't know what to do my 11 week old hates tummy time

  • My 11 week old little girl hates tumy time. I try to put her on her tummy as much as possible and she screams. I was letting her get away with not being on her tummy, however the back of her head is starting to flatten a bit. It's hardly noticeable but I need to address the problem and get it fixed for it turns into a major problem. I let her cry it out for 10 minutes if she doesn't settle down by then I pick her up. It's either her crying or her falling asleep when I put her  on her tummy. Any suggestions? This is a very worry some problem to me and any advise would be greatly appreciated.

  • Definitely check with your doctor about the flattening of the head issue and what you should be looking out for. As for tummy time, my girls never really liked being on their stomachs until they were strong enough to push up their bodies with their arms. I found that playing with them on my lap or in the car seat worked well in stimulating them.

    Have you tried one of those play mats that has a pillow that you can prop her up with under her chest and arms? This works well with a Boppy pillow, too. You're giving her a new view of the world but not leaving her in a position where she feels helpless to move her head away from the floor. That might be one cause of her discomfort. It could also be that she's not quite developmentally ready for tummy time. You may want to consider letting her get a little older and trying again when she has more muscle development and control over her motor skills.


  • For the head flattening speak to a Doctor first and foremost. I do know they have head cushions for sleeping which may help this issue by letting her sleep on her sides instead of her back though.

    As for tummy time - being on her stomach is probably less interesting right now. On her back she can see more and interact better with you. I would try making tummy time a game. Play with her, let her know it's something fun, bring her objects/toys she likes to play with so she can entertain herself as it goes on.

  • Some babies have to grow into enjoying tummy time. My little ones never wanted to be on their bellies. Keep trying often. You might lay down on the floor with her or place the boppy or another "prop" under her to help her support herself. I also agree about different play mats. There are so many to choose from now and lots that are made just for tummy time. Also, be sure to mention the change in her head to her doctor.

  • We had the same problem! what worked for us was putting a toy or something she could reach for and it made her forget about the fact that she was in her tummy.

  • Thanks for the reply thedr says to let her cry but her head isn't too flat but I can tell it is. As for the boppy pillow i've tried it. That didn't change a thing. Before she was born I got her areally cool tummy time mat. It has all sorts of toys and water with little animals floating in it. She can hold her self up and has great kneck strength. I am so frustrated. But thank you for your help.

























































  • I am sorry it's frustrating. Remember to have fun too. You're daughter is tiny right now, and she is good at picking up what you're feeling. During tummy time don't stay at with it so long you get tired of it, and it's okay to take a break right now from it. Every "milestone" is not set in actual stone; don't feel pressured by anyone ever for your child to reach a mark at a specific age. If she isn't enjoying tummy time yet, revisit it a little bit and see if her attitude has changed - they grow quickly right now, she'll be ready for it soon enough Big Smile.

  • We also were having troubles with our little boy and its tummy time, now he is 10 weeks and he seems to start enjoying it but only for very short time each time. We were never concerned with his flat head, so the doctor always tolds us that it was OK that he didn't like tummy time because it meant that he would let us know by crying if he ever rolled on his tummy.

    Also, what we discovered is that sometimes he might have not liked his tummy time because his stomach was so full that it might had been bothering him.

    Nevertheless, we're trying a couple of things when giving him his tummy time, one is looking at him in the eyes (at his same level - like if we were on our tummy as well) when he is on his tummy to help him be less sacre of it. The other technique is to give him his tummy time over us ... this means that we lay in our back and he lays on his tummy on top of us ... sometimes we don't do it completely flat.

    Hope these tips will help.

  • first mom, does anyone know how often and long tummy time should be and at what month/week they should start?

    i rub my daughters back and pat her bottom the few times i have had her on ther tummy and sing to her as i lay there with her and that seem to work for me. Good luck


  • Txyana64- The tummy time on top of mom and dad is a great idea. I never really thought of that as tummy time before. :)

  • my daugher is almost 5 months and still will only do tummy for a few minnits at a time, we try frequetly and just talk to her, it will get better,

  • My daughter hated tummy time. Try putting yours on your chest as you're laying at an angle. It gives her something interesting to look at (especially if you make different faces and talking to her), and she's not completely flat. Do it for a few minutes at a time (try like 2-3 minutes to start out with) and do it a few times a day. The more she seems to enjoy it, the longer you will eventually keep her like that. It is also a great way to bond with your baby.

  • My son is 8 weeks old and doesn't really have a problem with tummy time yet, but usually if I have him on the floor I lay him on our Boppy Pillow.  He seems to enjoy it and I'll lay on the floor in front of him so that we're at the same level.

    Our problem comes when I lay him on my chest for tummy time.  He's very strong and can lift and hold his head very well, but sometimes he picks his head up and then slams it right back down onto my chest.  I know that it can't feel good, because I'm pretty sure I've got a bruised collarbone!  Should I be worried about him hurting his forehead?  Should I just stick to on the floor and not lay him on my chest?  I'd hate for him to knock himself silly!