5 months Baby still wakes up twice at night.


    My baby girl Maggie was born 11/05/08 so she is 5 months now. She has been sleeping with me in my bed since she was 3months. She was ok sleeping in her crib but we went for 3 weeks vacation to my sister’s place and I have to sleep with her in the bed and since then she won’t sleep by herself. It looks like she has a light sleep, for any small sound, she wakes up. She wakes up twice at night looking to be nourished. She started the solid for 3 weeks now and I was hopping that will help her sleep through the night but it is not happening. I would like to be able to have her sleep in her crib and sleep through the night.

    Please help


    Thanks so much for any reply and any suggestion

  • Maggie is such a cute name! Is she bottle or breastfed? Are you using a white noise machine or anything to that effect?

  • I agree, we use a air purifier for noise for our baby at night it makes noise like a fan would and cleans the air to. It was only about 30 dollars so it was a good investment! Also I found that bathing your baby at night is a good way to relax them, and then give them a bedtime bottle. It makes them feel full and relaxed. It seems to help our 4 month old sleep all night. Hope this advice helps =) Feel free to ask me anytime =)

  • I bought a CD for $10 online called White Noise.  You can get whatever noise you want and it just plays all night.  My humidifier turns off when there's enough humidity and we don't want a fan in there when it's cold, so we LOVE this CD.  It's also money back guarantee to help your baby sleep within the first 12 months of using the CD. 

  • Thanks so much.

    she was breastfed until she was 3 months old and since I started working again, she use the bottle during the day and is breasfed at night. I don't use anything

  • We bought an inexpensive sound machine at WalMart. That is what we use for white noise. It was probably 12.00 or so. Our daughter is almost two and we still use it for naps and bedtime. It helps block the noises in the house that might wake her up. She finds it very soothing and will turn it on herself when she is sleepy.

    My daughter was breastfed 100% and didn't sleep through the night until I quit nursing her when she woke up at night. Breastfed babies like to nurse and will wake up for it if they know you will come nurse them. I had my husband start going in and comforting her and she slept through the night after a week or so. She wasn't interested in seeing him or his lack of breasts. Big Smile

  • My son is nine months old and is also a breastfed baby that was looking to keep mommy up all night.  I stopped feeding him everytime he woke up at night and also had my husband go in to check on him.  He would only cry for a few minutes than fall back to sleep and is now sleeping 8-10 hours a night.  Don't give in and feed him.  Older babies should be getting enough food by the time they are six months or so that they don't need to fed in the middle of the night anymore.  Good idea about the sound machine!  My white noise CD's start wearing out from being played all night.

  • Unless you're comfortable with your child sleeping in the bed for a longer period it would probably be best to look into ways of transitioning back to the crib. Our daughter made her way into the bed with us early on and despite several tries to move her back to the crib it has been unsuccessful 20 months later. While not an unwelcome presence most of the time, some nights it can be tiring and moving her back to the crib seems to get harder the older she gets.

  • My first comment must be to say -- do NOT sleep with your baby in your bed! It is very unsafe - your baby can die that way! That would be so sad for your baby and traumatizing for you  :(

    That being said, I agree with the white noise suggested by others as well as the comment to discontinue her mid-night feedings when she wakes up during the night (easier said than done though, because it causes guilty feelings, but it is for the best - just be sure she is eating enough throughout the day). I would further suggest making sure she is quite tired at night -- don't let her sleep too much during the day (maybe 2-3 naps of about 45 minutes each) and make sure she gets enough activity to "wear her out" before bed plus a nice feeding just before bed. And know that babies are very restless sleepers, so while she may seem to be waking up and fussing, you should let her be and she might go back to sleep.

    My baby boy was born less than a week before your baby; he sleeps about 9-10 hours at night (from about 7:30PM to about 4:30-5:30AM). He tosses and turns a lot and makes some noises like he's waking up or fussing, but I leave him alone unless he really cries -- then I get paranoid that he may have a painful burp stuck in his chest or a messy diaper, so I go get him, but that is pretty rare that he actually cries, most times he falls back to sleep on his own. When I put him to bed in his crib, when he is clearly tired, I lay him in his Boppy pillow (like floating in an innertube with his head and shoulders propped up on the pillow and body lying through the center on the crib mattress) and I lean over the crib and bottle-feed him until he falls asleep (I also have an air cleaner which makes noise, plus I play his toy aquarium music) ... then I watch him on the monitor and after he has been asleep for about 30 minutes, I gently pull the Boppy pillow out from beneath him and gently lay his head down (his eyes do open temporarily, but he goes right back to sleep). I should also point out that before I started putting him in his crib awake for sleeping, I used to have him fall asleep in our bed (importantly - I was awake and watching him anytime he was in our bed) ... so to transition him to falling asleep in his crib, I used to have him fall asleep in our bed and then move him to his crib already asleep ... when I did that timing was important because babies have different levels of sleep. I had to move him after he was asleep for about 45 minutes to an hour or hour and a half; otherwise, if I moved him too soon or too late he would wake up too much. Then after he got used to being in his crib/waking up in his crib, I started putting him in there awake to fall asleep there. I do leave a small light on in his room so he doesn't wake up to the dark and get scared (I have not tried having the room pitch black to know whether or not he would be scared, but for now I play it safe with the light on). It is important to get your baby used to sleeping in her crib on her own now because it only gets more difficult the older she gets -- right now she is still in a period where she can adjust more easily.

  • I love this idea of having someone else checking on your baby in the middle of the night. It's a great way to see if there is really a need for a feeding or if it's just Mommy that he wants.


  • We also took a trip when my daughter was 5 months old and it completely messed up her sleep pattern. It took us a month to get her back to sleep sort of through the night. We managed with food, a lot of it. I breastfeed but she gets the breast and a 8-oz bottle at bedtime (yes, 8-oz). She does not always finish it, but during her bedtime routine she drinks at least 4-oz and an average of 6-oz. Then, when she wakes up around 10 p.m., my husband goes right away and stick the bottle in her mouth (he does not pick her up) and she drinks another 1-oz to 4-oz or whatever is left and falls back asleep.   She is now 9 months old and she is still waking up once or twice a night. We don't go to see her anymore unless she is really crying hard. Most of the time, I listen to the monitor for 30 minutes. She moves around, sob a little then fall back asleep.

  • Hey i have a question. What are yall thalking about white noise what is that?


  • I have a question how would i get my husband to spend a little more time with our 5 1/2 month old daughter? i ask you because you are a male


  • White noise is a sound like waterfalls or hair dryers.  My baby likes the sound of the clothes dryer.  Just noises. :~) 

  • White noise is like the sound your TV makes when it is on a channel that you don't get. Just static. It is really very soothing to babies. I actually got used to hearing my daughter's over the baby monitor and am missing is now that the monitor is gone. Smile