Baby Playing

  • I just have a recomendation for moms and dads,  my baby is 10 months old and what I am doing is labeling her toy box HANNAH and in the kitchen when she follows me in there I have a special drawer thats all the way at the bottom labeled HANNAH with tupperware in it so that she can have her own and play while I am cooking. because they want to be where you are at this stage.  and even though she doesnt know how to read it helps them identify what is theres to play with and their name.  Just a suggestion  so when they want something they cannot not have you can show them what they can play with instead of saying NO all the time.

  • I think this is a great idea. I actually have one of these in my office. Now when I am in here working or using the computer my daughter can come in and play. She knows exactly which drawer is hers and I mix the toys up so she does not get tired of the same old thing. Keeps her busy and I can accomplish a couple of things. I highly recommend this if you have the extra space you are not using.

  • Such a great idea! I need to do this because right now my glasswear is on bottom and my tupperware is up top. I did at have a little play desk beside mine with an old fax machine, empty stapler, and some crayons for my son. He loved "working" beside me when I was triaging patients.

  • When my oldest was little, I made sure that there were designated places in each room where she could play, so she could stay by me and feel like she was part of what I was doing. It works just as well for my little one now. Thanks for sharing such a great idea!