• my  son Traven is 5 months he usually takes 2; 2 to 3hour naps daily & Sleeps well @ nite from  9to7am, however every week to 2weeks he will not nap for 3or4 days. He will "power nap" for 15min & then play for an hour till he gets sleepy this continues the rest of the day until were both worn out. Ive been told that this means he is having a growth spurt or that he is learning something new. I M AT A TOTAL LOSS anyone else have this problem or know what i can do?

  • I would try keeping a journal for a month or two, so maybe you can figure out if there is something that triggers his difficult days. You can also check out some of the other threads on the board. There are several posts on naps and schedules, that you might find useful. One of the other members had written that babies might wake up about 25-45 minutes into their nap and if you leave them alone (let them cry for a few minutes), then they will doze off again. You could try to let him cry for five minutes or so before going in his room to get him.