Big Preemie

  • I went into labor with my daughter (now 2mos old), 10 weeks early. The delivery was able to be held off until 35 weeks. When she was born, she was 7lbs 6oz. I know my due date was not incorrect, because my husband and I were trying to get pregnant and I took pregnancy tests weekly and the ultrasounds showed the same due date as my LMP.

    She/I received steroids at 32 weeks to help with her lungs and we haven't had any major problems with her breathing or anything. She only stayed in the NICU for about a half a day and then we were able to have her with us. We have her 2mo checkup next week. Just wondering if any other mothers out there had preemie babies that were normal sizes.


  • hi,

    i had my son the morning i hit 37 weeks! i freaked when i was told i was in labor. some people say he was a preemie others say he was full term. he weighed 7lbs 4 ozs.

  • I went into unexpected labor at 36 weeks 2 days.  My daughter was 6lbs 4 oz and didn't spend any time in the NICU.  She was considered preemie because she was born before 37 weeks gestation (considered full term at this point), but not low birth weight.  From my understanding there is a difference.  My guess would be the steriod shots may have increased her weight.  If she had gone full term you may have had a big baby!

  • My son was born at 34 weeks and 5 days. He stayed in the NICU for 6 days. He was fully developed and weighed in at 5 lbs 4 oz. Because he was born before 37 weeks that made him preterm. They never mentioned anything about his weight.

  • I took my daughter today for her 2mo checkup and she is 13lbs 1oz and 24in long!! She is doing great!! Thanks for the replies!

  • The definition of the gestation for a premature baby varies. Some believe it to be any time before the 37th week of pregnancy. If she was born at 35 weeks, she is considered a preemie, but her size is healthy. Let us know how her 2 month check up goes!

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    I had my Daughter (now 2 1/2 months) when I was 37wks and 2days. But my labor was totally different from what I felt with my two sons. I didn't had labor pains until 5 in the afternoon. In the morning around 10am I felt like a watery discharge since I felt before I thought it was noting but it continue every 15mins.  since there where no labor pains I didn't think i was in labor. I went to the store and came back home felt normal except for the watery discharge I was having. So i went to the hospital like around 2:30 in the afternoon. When i got there I was 4cm dilated already with out any labor pains. I was really surprise when the doctor told me that I was about to have my baby. By 7at night i Had my baby with out any medication at all.