3 month old wont take pacifier

  • I have a 3 month old who will not take a pacifier and will not suck on her fingers....she LOVES my finger though.  Any ideas?

  • This is actually a good thing, just think you won't have to break her of a pacifier at 1 years old and she will not have the pacifier preventing her from language milestones. Give her teething toys instead...she will love the coldness of them and give your finger's some relief. Best of luck!

  • Not all babies need to take a pacifier or suck on their fingers to be comforted. My son never did take a pacifier and never really seemed to care. I would caution against letting your baby suck on your fingers...since your fingers can carry dangerous germs and harmful bacteria into her mouth. If you think your baby would like to suck on a pacifier, consider trying different varieties to see if there isn't a type of pacifier that she would like better. If she is fussy or irritable, consider that she may simply need some other form of comfort instead (such as more milk or a diaper change). 

    Don't be worried about pacifier use causing too many issues...in reality, pacifiers are better to use than fingers and approved by the Academy of Pediatrics...you can read more about the benefits and disadvantages of pacifiers here: http://www.aapd.org/upload/articles/adair-25-05.pdf

    If you are still concerned talk it over with your pediatrician and get her advice! Good luck!