Wetting through the diaper at night

  • My little boy is 12 months old and wets through his diaper often at night. If I start him out with a fresh diaper, he is wet through by morning and I have to change his sheets, pj's, and blankets each time. So time consuming and too much laundry! Any helpful tips for me? Are there special overnight diapers I can try?

  • Yes there are special overnight diapers you can buy.  Depends on the brand what size they start at.  I know Fisher Price has a combo box with day and night diapers in size 3 & up at Babies R Us.  If you cant find overnight diapers try going up a size during the night as the larger the size the more they hold.

  • My boys had that problem too. I used the Huggies Overnites and they definitely helped. Babies R Us used to also have these things called diaper doublers that you use with a regular diaper but I think you might only be able to find those online now.

  • I found that just going up a size at night seemed to help an awful lot...

  • Thanks guys! I did try going up a size...he still wet through them. That boy loves his sippy cups of water! I just tried the diaper doublers - they are in the store still at Babies R Us and they work like a charm! Thanks LaraRN!

  • That's great! I'm so glad you found them and they worked! I think they might be easier and more economical than having to buy special night time diapers.