To attached? Help!

  • Okay so, Im 32 weeks pregnant and have a Nine month old who is very much attached to me. My husband tries so hard to help out but he has to beside me constantly and wants no one else but me. It makes it so hard on me because he cries if im not around or cries when someone else tries to take him and help, then I start to feel bad. So maybe Im also part of the problem. He never wants to stay asleep through the night anymore. What do I do!?!? This baby is due in January!!

  • Whew! I can relate to you on some level - my little boy would NOT go to anyone else but me for the first 9 months of his life. His dad was beyond frustrated because he really wanted to help me with him! Part of it is developmental - he is at that age where he has some natural clinginess to mom. Part of it you can probably change. I would sit with my husband and play with him and the baby together. This helped him learn to have fun with his dad and see that it was ok to be with him as well as me. I also would send them out to the park and to the library, etc. without me. As soon as I was out of sight, my little boy would have a great time with my husband. There were a few rough times but if you just keep it up and encourage the bonding with dad, it will eventually happen. Congrats on baby #2!!
  • Thank you so much, i will give it a try

  • Is your little buddy bonding with Daddy at all? I hope so, for your sake! Let us know how you are doing.