Sitting Up

  • I have a 7 month old that is struggling with sitting up, I have tried the pillow around the waist, holding onto his fingers but he throws himself backwards or falls to one side or the other.   As long as he sits in my lap he will sit up. He is getting to big for his infant car seat and I want to move him into his bigger car seat but was told not to until he could sit up on his own and can balance his head. Any ideas?

  • Maybe you could try sitting behind him and backing off of him a little and give him enough room to sit up, but not enough to let him fall backwards. This may help him get more used to being in that position and provide an opportunity to get used to using his abdominal muscles to keep himself up. Hope that does it for you! Big Smile Yes

  • I feel your concern. The first thing I would do is discuss this with your pediatrician to make sure that he feels this part of your baby's development on-track. Some babies are just "late bloomers" so-to-speak. Most wind up hitting these milestones in their own time. But it may make you feel better if your doctor weighs in with his opinion.

    I will offer a word of caution on the car seat issue, though. Most recommendations are not to move to a forward-facing seat until your baby is 20 pounds AND one year. This is not just because of weight, but also for muscle and bone development. Have you looked into one of those convertable car seats that can be used both backward and forward? They're designed bigger to accomodate babies until they are big enough for the booster seat. That may ease your car seat worries, as well.

  • I totally agree with writemommy. He may just have to sit up in his own time, but be sure to mention it to his doctor. Is he on track in other ways? Does he smile and babble? Does he roll over well?

    We've always used large convertible carseats that hold 5-65lbs. You can use it with a smaller baby (whether they sit up or not) rear facing and then turn it around when they are big and old enough.


  • Learning to sit up, like any other big step comes at different periods for each child. Try sitting behind him and moving incrementally back over time until he learns to sit on his own. When sitting in front of him put your face near his so he will be inclined to "lean" towards it instead of throwing himself backwards.

    When riding in a car a padded headrest may make things easier, especially if you want to move him into a bigger seat (remember to keep it rear facing until he is old enough). It will provide stability and comfort until he is better able to control his muscles.

  • I think I will try this and see what happends. Thank you!! 

  • Let us know how it goes! Big Smile

  • my daughter is 5 months next week and is alredy sitting up fairly well but my nefue is 10 months now and didn't sit up untill almost 9 months, he wouldn't sit still enough, he was crawling before sitting, every baby does it at there own time, he will get there.