Sleep at night

  • Hello. I am a new mother and my 1 month old doesnt want to sleep at night time. Everytime i put her down to sleep at night she cries and cries. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on what to do.

    I usually feed her right before bed and she'll fall asleep on my husband or I chest. But as soon as we put her down in the playpen in our room she wakes up and cries.

  • I'm so sorry - you must be exhausted. Your little baby sounds like she really loves being in your arms. If you have talked to a doctor and know that she is not suffering from any sort of reflux or any other physical issues, then you could try some comfort measures to help her get used to her playpen. Try a warm bath before bed and lay her down when she is sleepy but still awake. Keep her room dark and try swaddling her to create a comforting position for her. Some babies love the little stuffed animals placed next to the crib that have a heartbeat sound coming from them, so that they feel like they are listening to your heartbeat. I hope all this eases up for you - hang in there!!

  • James McKenna and Elizabeth Pantley are great resources about infant sleep.

    Elizabeth Pantley wrote "No Cry Sleep Solution," "No Cry Nap Solution" & "No Cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers & Pre-schoolers."

    James McKenna has written a book & several articles; he and also does research on infant sleep with the University of Notre Dame.

  • Its hard but letting her fall asleep in your arms makes her think thats her sleeping area. You have to get her usedto sleeping in her play pen/crib. I read that when you put your baby in the play pen/crib when shes sleepy but not asleep that you have to bring a chair and sit next to the crib and put your hand on the baby's stomach to let her know that you are there. speak to her softly or sing something soothing. every time she wakes up sit down and put your hand on her, make shure she can see you and repeat... if she really starts wailing pick her up, calm her down and then put her back in the crib and resume your position. I did this for a while and it is a exausting at first but my son benjamin now 4 months is great. I can put him in his crib awake give him a raddle and I put on his sleepy music he stays up a little and plays sometimes or falls asleep right away without a problem. another thing is if you delay your response to there crying they will learn you are there and every thing is okay. I would feel bad letting him cry a little but, you get up and wait. talk to her and then wait a little before you pick her up. picking her up right away doesnt give her time to confort herself. Benjamin learned to confort himself by sucking his thumb and again I read all this is a good thing. he rarely crys for long periods because he calms himself. and that gives me a second to walk accross the room and pick him up without having to worry that he will burt into a huge fit. It works in the long run. trust me from experience. love from one mother to another. God bless