new mom

  • my baby is 2 weeks old. what should i be doing besides holding him, snuggling him, and tummy time? I feel bad when i put him in his crib after he falls asleep. is that normal? it can't be very comfortable to sleep on my lap.

  • Don't feel bad about putting him in his crib. At this point, any time you get a chance to relax and sleep without one eye open, put him in his crib and try to get as much sleep as possible.

  • You are absolutely doing the right thing. It is kind of disconcerting at first to simply hold, feed, and change your baby without playing and interacting with them but that is exactly what babies do at first! They eat, sleep, and poop! :-) Your little boy will get more and more alert and interactive but for now he just loves to have you hold him, sing to him, and generally be with him. You do not, however, want him to get 100% used to sleeping on you only. If you never put him down, he will not learn to be content to sit in a swing or sleep in his crib eventually without you there. It is a loving thing to help him establish some little forms of independence by putting him down here and there. Besides, you need a break too! Congrats on your little guy. :-)

  • Babies need some space too, so don´t feel bad about leaving him in the crib or let him play alone.  You will see later on, how much he can have just with the world around him.