How many naps and how long should a 5 and a half month old be taking ????

  • I am really confused about this part, my 5 and a half month old hardly takes a nap, but its only for about 20 minits or less, and she takes about 2 naps a day. Is this normal ?? I know that only they know how much sleep they need and when. But what is the deal with that?

    One more question how many times a day should i offer her water? Where we live is already very hot. I tried to give her a bottle today and she didnt want it so i gave her some water in the bottle and she drank like she was very thirsty, and after that she stopped being fussy and acted like she was satisfied.

  • Both of these are good questions to ask your pediatrician, especially when talking about giving water over formula since you want to make sure she still gets enough formula. If you're worried about giving her too much water perhaps you could try giving her a cooler bottle instead of a warm one, it may be that she just liked the fact that the water was colder than her bottle on a hot day.

    With the napping, each baby is different...I know we say that all the time! :) My daughter has days where all she does is take short little "power naps" and days when she just plays like a fiend and then crashes for a couple of hours at a time. Has she always slept like this or is it recent? If it's recent perhaps it's the heat making it uncomfortable to sleep in her crib for long periods of time if she's getting too warm? I'd ask your pediatrician about it at her next check-up (or earlier if it worries you, that's what they're there for after all!) and see if s/he has any tips on how to get her to take a longer nap.

  • I have a question.. how would i get a picture of kira into the photo gallery. i have been trying for a couple of days and cant figure it out.Sad




  • I did it this way:

    1) Click on the link to the "Community" main page.

    2)On there look for the little menu that lists the Discussion Board, Photo Sharing etc. on the left hand side and click on the Photo Sharing option.

    3) On the right this time, under "Shortcuts" click on "Upload file".

    4)On the upload a file, page click on the button that says "Specify File/URL". This should give you a pop-up window that will allow you to browse your computer or give the address of a webpage to link to the picture you want.

    If those steps don't work for you then I'm not sure what advice to give. I'm not that computer literate and if it isn't spelled out really clearly for me I end up calling one of my computer savvy friends for help! lol :)