club foot

  • Our baby will probably be born with club feet.  Any one else out there have a child born with club feet?  Tell your story to these first time parents!

  • I did not have a child born with it but I worked at a pediatric orthopedic specialty hospital and cared for many babes. What makes you say that your baby will probably be born with club feet? Has your doctor talked with you about what to expect?

  • We have great friends who had their baby diagnosed with a club foot before birth and they were devastated. However, they were assured by their doctors that today's science can deal with most similar issues. I believe the baby had to sleep for a prolonged period with special shoes with a bar between them. While this may sound terrible to adults, if it's all the baby knows, it's second nature. I am happy to say, the boy in question is now 10 years old and is an avid baseball and soccer player and has absolutely no impact with being born in this condition.

    I am sure every situation is different, but I hope you have similar happy ending as my friend's boy.

    Good luck and congratulations!

  • We have had two ultrasounds and both are showing signs of club feet.  They say you never know for sure until the baby is born; that's why I say "probably."  We have spoken with a genetic counselor and the doctor told us some basic info that we already had assumed (like that she will have to wear casts, and possibly have surgery) but I just don't know what else to expect...or do.  Should I buy clothes that are bigger so she can wear pants and warm clothes in the winter?  Will she need special shoes after the casting is all complete?  Just not sure what to expect since this is our first one and I've never known anyone with club foot.

  • My nephew was born with a club foot. He had a surgery at 1 month old to snip the tendon at his heel, followed by a cast for 6 weeks. He now wears the specially fitted shoes at night to correct his turned-in foot. Since he really doesn't know any different, it doesn't bother him at all. He will wear the shoes at bedtime until he is four. Hope this helps!

  • Oh, and make sure you buy pj's without the footies for her!

  • My neice was born with a club foot.  At about 1 week old they cut her heel cord and then she was in casts for about 6 weeks.  Once the casts were off she wore special shoes that attached to this device that was adjustable, looked like a mini-snowboard.  She had surgery when she was 3 to cut and replace a few tendons.  She is fine now.  They didn't buy any special clothes for her, but the footie pj's didn't work too well with her cast.  Good luck.

  • You have gotten lots of great advice from everyone here! The bit that i can add is to take one day at a time. It's easy to get wrapped and worried about the unknown. Take a deep breath, as others have said babies with club feet do very well. Keep us posted as you learn more and continue to reach out!! :) -Jess