spoiled infant

  • my child is spoild.  She is 6 weeks old.

    no really she is.

    she will cry just because she wants to be held.  It is more like a scream than cry.

    and she wont stop crying until you pick her up.

    then she will just shut up or go to sleep..
    how do i stop that without just letting her cry.

    becuase i have tried that..
    and i get frustrated and she screems
    until she starts to cough and u can tell her throat hurts.

    soo anyone?
    got any advice?

  • My advice is hold her and love on her as much as you can while she is still little. I know it is tiring, but she is so small and depends on you for every comfort. She isn't capable at this age of making herself feel better. She needs your warmth and touch.

    Also, you might want to check out The Happiest Baby on the Block DVD. You can pick it up on Amazon for 17 dollars or so. It will be the best 17.00 you have ever spent. If I had a fussy baby I would pay for rush shipping! :) You can also Google "happiest baby technique" and find videos and more information.

    I hope you are able to find a solution that works for both of you. Just remember that she is still so very small and very much needs you.

  • A 6 week old isn't capable of being spoiled! Babies need to be held a lot the first 3 months of life. It makes them feel secure and safe and reminds the of the womb. Most need to be held until they fall asleep. Try swaddling her when you can't hold her or a swing. But a 6 week old isnt spoiled she needs love and comfort!

  • My youngest cried all the time when she was little. She was so unhappy compared to her older sister who was pretty easy-going. I couldn't understand what I was doing wrong. It took me a while to figure out that she was just naturally sensitive--to light, noises, too many people, unfamiliar surroundings, etc. Maybe your little girl is the same way. You might also check with the doctor and see if she needs a formula for sensitive tummies. Good luck and remember--it's not you!

  • The world is a very scary and intimidating place for someone who is so small. And every baby is different. I totally understand your frustration and I don't think there's a parent alive who hasn't felt exasperated by their baby's crying.But I agree with BabyNurse in that now is the time to savor those moments of cuddling and bonding while you can.

    Your baby's looking for comfort and reassurance from the people who she trusts the most. Keep in mind that she doesn't have the comprehension or knowledge of even a three-month old and does'nt know that you don't vanish from existence when she doesn't see you anymore. There's no harm in holding her and giving her the comfort and cuddles she's looking for -- if indeed that's all that's going on.

    To be safe, it's probably a good idea to talk this over with your pediatrician to ease your own concerns but also to make sure that there's nothing physical going on with your baby that might be causing this.

    Hope this helps!

  • I have to agree that they can't be spoiled at 6 wks old. I recently had the same problem with my daughter. I noticed that her tummy would be very tight likely d/t gas, so I bought some gas drops at wal-mart called mylicon which worked really well. She also has acid reflux and would scream like 15min after eating, now we just give her a little medicine twice a day. They say white noise does wonders, maybe try a fan on low or you can buy little teddies that play a heart beat sound which may help sooth her.

  • I agree to check for gas and give a little mylicon

  • I feel your frustration. 6 weeks is when I noticed my baby crying a lot more. She would calm down when I would hold her but not all the time. We finally found out she has a milk protein allergy and was in pain most of the time. Now she's on specail formula and is a different baby. Some crying is normal, but not when it seems like your baby is miserable like ours did. I still hold her all the time, but now she's usually smiling instead of crying. See your pediatrician about possible medical problems. good luck.

  • Pick her up!  I used to think the same thing.  Spoiled!  You can't spoil a newborn.  She needs to know you are there for her.  You will notice if you go to her more her cries will change because she will be confident you will be there the next time she is upset.  It's is a very good thing that she stops when you pick her up.  In Mommy's arms she knows she is safe. 

  • At 6 weeks old she certainly isn't spoiled, just scared and lonely. Pick her up as much as you can right now. If you can't and she's crying, there are great techniques to simulate a parents embrace such as:

    swaddling (feels like being wrapped in your arms)

    rocking machine or swings set to very low (feel like a parent rocking them)

    white noise (sounds like the womb)

    If she seems to be having problems still it may be something medical such as gas or more severe in which case you should consult a pediatrician.

  • I have a 5 week old little boy and I agree that it is very possible for him to be spoiled!!  He does the same thing anytime I put him down.  He will scream until he is purple in the face and not breathing, and then the second you pick him up he quits crying immediately!  I cannot possibly hold him all of the time.  I have been breastfeeding as well and it seems that he is always eating and never gets full.  I have started giving him soy formula and he is so much happier!!  He even slept in his crib for the first time today!!  I know how frustrating it gets, but hang in there!!  Soon you will find something that helps for her. 

  • You can NOT spoil and infant -- the first three months they need to be held, swaddled, cuddled and loved as much as possible.  They have been "held" in your womb 24x7 for 9 months.  To come into the world and be held less than that is scary to them -- they love you and need to be in your arms as much as possible.

    PLEASE read the Happiest Baby on the Block or buy/rent the DVD.  It will explain everything about "the fourth trimester" which is what you are experiencing.  It will get better at 4 months.

  • OMG!!  I am so happy (sorry..not that he cries) but that someone else is experiencing what I am going through. Does it end??? I have an eight year old that was the BEST baby a parent could ask for but my second....is four weeks old almost five weeks and he is tearing me a new one. I can deal with getting little sleep but the screaming...

  • Trice209 - I think we've all been through that at some point... A lot parents here have had some great suggestions already for tips to try that may help. If you want to look around, ask some questions, or tell us a little more about yourself and your family we'd all love to help you with any advice we can too Smile. Welcome to the community (and I hope a a little quiet can be our gift)!

  • I know!!  No one understands that a baby can be spoiled until you have one!  Babies aren't stupid by all means!  They know when they cry they get picked up!  It has gotten a lot better!! He still has his moments where he does want to be held to be happy and we are sure to give him a lot of holding and affection, but sometimes I just have to be able to go to the bathroom!!!  What I have found that works for us is I switched his formula to Similac Sensitive.  I still breastfeed sometimes, but he just has a big appetite and isn't getting as full as he needs to be with me even after feeding for an hour.  Sometime he wants different things.  So sometimes its the swing and sometimes its his tummy time mat.  Also, when he falls asleep in my arms if I lay him on his belly he stays asleep.  I know they say not to because of SIDS, so I do watch him close.  He just seems to be more comfortable that way.  Since before we even left the hospital, he would scream until he turned purple in the bassinett.  He would only sleep with my husband or myself holding him.  I have been trying to get him in his crib for naptimes to break him in, and he cries for about fifteen minutes, but will finally fall asleep.  For me it has taken patience... a lot of patience.....  My only real advice is keep trying different things.  Every little one is different and you will figure something out that works for your baby!!!  You have an 8 year old so I am sure you have patience!!!  Good luck!!!!