• my 6 week old does not cry tears......I have been told that they do not have tear ducts at this age.  Can any one shed some light??

  • when my first son was born he use to cry all the time due to a problem with his stomach. I dont ever recall him having tears until  much later in the baby stages. I would not worry! The tears will come just give it some time.

  • Hi,

    Babies are born with tear ducts. He/she just doesn't have the amount of tears it would take for you to notice them during crying. You know your baby has tears because his/her eyes aren't red and dry. If they do happen to be red and dry, then you need to let the pediatrician know.

    Babies start making more tears (enough to notice when crying) later on. It varies from infant to infant. Some will have tears when crying early on and others when they are several months old.

    I hope this is helpful. Be sure to write questions like this down, so that when you take your baby for a check up you can ask their pediatrician. It always helps me to keep notes. Otherwise, when the doctor says "do you have any questions", I will say "Nope!". :)

  • my son is 2 months old and has tears that really show when he cries.  he has since he was born... but my first child didn't have enough tears untill he was 4 months old. it varies from child to child. when my 2month old cries he has tears that run right down his cheeks in streams, my 4 year old still doesn't have a lot of tears so when he cries he doesn't really have wet cheeks afterwards.Smile

  • I agree. Most babies don't cry tears at such a young age. But the pediatrician is the best person to ask if you're concerned there is something going on there.

  • My 3-month-old son's eyes and lashes would be wet when he cried until a few day ago, when we saw the first big, fat alligator tear running down his cheek. It'll come. Their ducts just need to time to develop and produce more tears. Trust me, the tears combined with the crying inspires much more guilt on Mommy and Daddy.

  • Yea, just don't let your little one learn to manipulate that feeling lol. My daughter's secret move is the "fake cry", she pulls it out anytime she wants something but isn't getting it. We're working on stopping that behavior but it's much better to not let it start in the first place.

  • He won't cry tears for quite a few more months, but it's not because they don't have tear ducts. My daughter is almost 5 months and she actually has an obstructed tear duct where her eye waters and goops up all the time. No worries. He'll soon be crying tears that'll melt your heart. Good luck!