Sleeping through the night, when will it happen???

  • I'm a first time mom, my husband and I welcomed our daughter on Jan 18th, 2011.  She is amazing, very active for her age, she is on Similac Advanced and growing fast.  With that said, I have few friends that had babies recently and their little bundles of joy already sleeping through the night, our little munchkin still wakes up anywhere two to three times a night.   My husband and I are working as a team, but we both have OFF nights and it's starting get to us.  Sleep deprivation is awful, the next day we call each other and apologize for the night before.  My question is, when can we expect our little girl to start sleeping through the night or are there any secret tips on having a baby sleep soundly more than 4-5 hrs at a time? Any suggestions are welcomed.

  • Congrats on your baby girl!! I feel your pain with sleeping through the night. Babies are just so variable with their ability to sleep through the night. It seemed everywhere I looked, my friends' babies were sleeping through the night long before my son did. The comparison game can be brutal. :-/ It is great that you and your husband are tag teaming it. All that sleep lost can really take a toll on your ability to communicate well with each other, so I commend you for continuing to work on things with him the next day after a rough night. You are not alone!! All that being said, I would try to rule out some physical issues. Does your daughter have any issues with gas or reflux? If your pediatrician feels that she is fine, then I think your little girl is probably growing and still figuring out her night time routine. At just a few months old, it is not necessarily expected that your daughter sleep through the night. This probably isn't the most encouraging thing to hear! Make sure that you have a good bedtime routine down. Maybe a bath, book and song, diaper change and feeding and then down to bed. Make sure the room is warm and cozy - sometimes a white noise machine helps soothe babies and get them to sleep. Does she like to be swaddled? Sometimes that secure swaddled feeling helps babies stay asleep a bit longer - there are some great blankets on the market for that or you can swaddle her with a big receiving cloth of your own. I hope some of these tips were a bit helpful...write me back and let me know if anything works for you! Hang in there!
  • llonaf10- PediNurseJulie has so much to offer you in her post that I just wanted to echo what she is saying and see if there are any addition questions or thoughts that you have after reading through her suggestions. I also wanted to offer that there are quite a few posts on the board that have to do with the sleeping issue, so you are very much not alone in this! You might cruise through the other posts with sleep titles to see if others have suggestions that might help as well. One thing that I always suggest to parents is to try to alternate feedings at night. So, for instance, if your baby generally eats at 8pm, then goes down until 11 perhaps you could do that 11pm feeding, then have dad do the 2 am, then you again at 5am. that way you are both getting atleast 6 hours of straight sleep. Your baby sounds like she has moved past that acute infant period where they are eating every 2-3 hours, so you could probably use this strategy and get even more than the 6 hours outlined above. Keep us posted! Jessica
  • My son is only going to be 4 weeks and I keep hearing from older family members that he should sleep through the night soon and I just don't think it is going to happen.  It appears to me that he has night and day mixed up.  He will fall asleep instantly after eating during the day and then at night he is awake from a half hour to 2 hours at a time. Sometimes screaming for no reason. Any suggestions??

  • My son is about to be 4 months old and has been sleeping through the night 6+ hours since he was about a month and a half. He is almost 4 months old and for the past month he has been sleeping between 9-11 hours at one time through the night. Honestly, we feel very blessed and I think it depends on the baby. There are a few things we noticed that help promote longer sleep. We have a sound machine and it is in his bed and he loves it. We keep it on all night long. It has the option for the womb sound but we have always used a brook sound. Very soothing. Also, our son never cared for being swaddled. He likes to be able to move his arms and legs and stretch through the night. We wrap him tight below the arms and cover his body fully but leave the leg area loose so that he can still move around. Maybe some of these tips will help.