Help 2 month old wont stop crying all the time and always wants to be held.

  • My daughter Cassielyn crys all the time, for her to stop almost all the time I have to hold her and give her a pacifier and rock her.. I try everything to get her to stop crying but her dad says after Ive tried everything to let her cry it out.. should I?

    and another question if I hold her to much is that spoling her?

    And any advice on what to do?

  • My daughter is also 2 months old and cried all the time no matter what, even when we held her. But we found out she was having some medical/allergy problems.  I would make sure she's not hurting or has something medical going on. It took us several weeks and doctor's visits to fing that out.  Now our daughter is getting better but still loves to be held all the time.  I was told holding your baby a lot the first 3 months is good for them and that you can not spoil them this early. Good luck. 

  • Oh, I feel your pain! Have you talked to your doctor about the possibility of colic or maybe another physical issue, such as gas? That very well may be part of the issue.

    However, I would not worry about spoiling your baby. It's impossible at this age. As I told another user on the boards, think of  it from your baby's perspective: she's so tiny in a world so big and she doesn't understand what's going on. Things as logical to us, such as if you don't see something doesn't mean it ceases to exist, are completely foreign to her. She doesn't know that if she can't see you that you're still there watching over her. Don't be afraid to give her what she's asking for. And soon enough, she'll be on to more interesting things, like rolling over and sitting up, and being with mommy all the time won't be as vital.

  • Definitely have the pediatrician take a look at her. There may be something going on that you are not aware of.

    I understand her dad's frustration, because a crying baby takes mommy away from him. However, like writemommy said, she really needs you right now. You are her only source of comfort and you just can't spoil her.

    I long for the days when I could hold and rock my 3 1/2 year old. These days be will gone before you know it. Just hold her, smell her hair, rub her little back, and enjoy every minute of it.

  • Spoil her! (not that you can at that age) Trust me she'll be fast outpacing you're ability to soon enough anyways. If holding her makes her stop crying then feel free to do so. With my daughter I was great at calming her early on, and we learned that once she was calmed down I could pass her to her mom without problems. If she'll let you it may work to calm her down and once she's stable hand her to dad. It'll help boost his bonding time, and give you a break too!

    You may also wish to consult a pediatrician. Cassielyn may have an unknown allergy, colic, or just gas pains but only a trained professional can determine that.

  • Hi KevinsGirl

    My daughter is 5 months old and I had the same problem when she was around 2 months. The best advice I can give you is lay her down and let her cry it out.  You don't want to pick her up every time she starts screaming because she will get used to that and won't stop crying until someone comes and gets her. That is not good for her and it is certainly not good for you.

    It would break my heart to here my daughter crying but I would go in my room, shut the door and just take deep breaths.  They will learn to calm themselves down.

    They are only this young once!! It will get better. I hold my daugher a lot but I also lay her down and let her play on her own.  She knows I won't come running if she starts to fuss.  

    I hope this helps you!! :)

  • I can definitely empathize with you. I have a 4 month old daughter who seems to cry constanly, but I do not believe you can spoil a baby by holding them. That is their only way of expressing themselves and by holding them it builds a sense of security and trust. So hold het all you want. They won't stay this size forever.

  • my daughter was the same way.what me and my husband did was wrapped her up like u did in the hospital gave her a pacifier and rocked her.we aslo changed her formula i dont know how u feed her but we give her similac hypo alimentum and she is alot better now u can also try baby bliss its all natural and it helps with colic thats what it sounds like she has.i hope it helps.and holding her alot dosent spoil her when she has colic just try to hang in there.if u need anything or any one to talk to u can email me.

  • I feel your pain! My first son would only sleep in 30 min increments and would get so tired that all he would do is cry. I found that one of those papasan bouncy chairs helped. Since your daughter likes to rock you may want to try swaddling her and using a baby swing. As for spoiling I was told by my pediatrician that you cant spoil at this age and picking them up to calm them is fine.
  • Could she have reflux? My 2month old was just diagnosed with reflux and put on Zantac. His first dose - I noticed a big difference.

  • There's already been some great advice given and I'll agree with everyone that said you can't spoil her at this age. Soon enough she'll be getting big and not wanting you to hold her so much as she learns to explore the world around her! The only other thing I would suggest would be a wrap carrier if you don't already have one. My Peyton's first couple of months she was very fussy in the evening and would NOT go to sleep unless I was holding her, and wouldn't stay asleep unless I held her for at least half an hour once her eyes had closed.

    I never had a better day than the one when my Moby wrap arrived! I found that I could wrap it tightly so that she was secure against me and this left me with both hands free to comfort her with and that she stopped crying and fell asleep much sooner while she was in it. It also then left me free to have her cuddled against me in it and able to get my chores done around the house or just have both hands free to relax with a book or check emails etc all while keeping her close to me like she wanted.

    Now that she's a bit bigger and not going through that fussy stage every night I find that the wrap is wonderful when I take her out in public. I can put her in it facing out and she can look all around her at the colors and people (very handy at the mall!!) but with her up against my chest, instead of in a stroller, strangers are less likely to try and touch her. That is a bonus to me just because you never know when they last time someone washed their hands was and it keeps me from having to be mean like I am sometimes if she's in her stroller and they try to touch.

  • I totally poor thing ! I would reiterate getting the Ped. involved and MAKING SURE it's nothing medical...other than that all you can so is whatever it take to get through it...and it's really not possible to spoil a 2 month old....a 6 month old ? Now, that's another story ! ;)

    Hang in will get better....

  • well my three month old daughter loves to express her self through crieing. ive come to realize when she justs crys and crys most likely shes very sleepy. try rocking her to some music while singing a bit....carla loves that. also swaddling works wonders and dont be afraid if it seems tight it doesnt hurt them at all.


    good luckBig Smile

  • With all due respect.... Do not let her cry it out. The statement made by Megg that her daughter knows she won't come running when she fusses is simply heartbreaking. These little precious beings are BABIES. They don't know how to soothe themselves or to "be independent" and to force independence from a very early age can be very detrimental psychologically longterm. There are many studies out about this you can read up about it. Good luck with everything.

  • Although some moms will disagree with Megg's reasoning for letting the baby cry when nothing you do calms her, sometimes you do need to put her down and walk away.  When my son can't be calmed, it frays my nerves like nothing else, and not being able to do anything to help him makes me doubt my abilities as a mom.  There is no way you are going to "spoil" your daughter by holding her too much, and if that stops the crying you may want to invest in a sling so you can hold her and still get things done around the house.  But if holding her doesn't help and you are getting frustrated, it is absolutely ok to put her in her crib, close the door, and take a few minutes to pull yourself together.