& month old and hitting

  • My son is 7 months and he is hitting everyone. What do you all suggest I should do? Does he know he is doing this?

  • It's pretty hard to reason and be logical with a 7 month old! I would say part of him probably just thinks it's fun to get attention from people and that he is playing, but perhaps a difficult behavior is being formed if he get's a lot of laughter and fuss when he does it. I simply would probably move his hands down and say "no hitting". If he continues it, I would set him down to play and walk away. He will learn that when he hits people, they don't want to play with him. Just ask people not to laugh and smile at him when he does it. He is cute now but not so cute when he is 19 months and doing  - that would be my son! :-) We are working on time outs with him and "no hitting please" and he is doing a lot better. I wouldn't stress it too badly - just don't encourage it. :-)

  • I agree with Julie. Don't reinforce the behavior by giving attention or even acknowledging it. If the baby continues put him in his crib so he is safe and let him spend some alone time there. Good luck and let us know how he is doing, Jessica
  • I agree with the girls, do not let him have attention when this happens. You can say "No No.." and make a frowny face. Then prompty place him down. He will get the idea that if he wants to be held, he needs to stop hitting. 

  • Great advice above and I agree. The biggest thing is to be consistent. One episode that you let slip by can undo weeks of discipline for a child so young. Good luck!

  • How is it going? Is your son still hitting? We'd love to hear an update!

  • My daughter is now 7 months and doing the same thing, but when she does it i don't think she is doing it out of frustration, i think she's just learned what she can do something new. When she does it i do try and hold her hand and kind of change what she's doing like dancing while swaying her arm, or putting her down.
  • caringangel88-just wanted to check in and see how things are going. Have you tried any of the things suggested? Have you found other things that have been helpful? we would love an update! -Jess