Intertaining baby

  • What can I do to entertain my 5 month old?

  • Welcome! There are lots of fun things you can do for a 5 month old. Try a few of these ideas and I hope other people add some too!


    -Sing songs and bounce baby on your knee

    -Lay on a blanket with the lights out and shine a flashlight on the ceiling - it's fun for your baby to track the light

    -Lay on a blanket with a mirror and make faces together

    -Read books together

    -Any toys that make music or are good activity toys

    -Go on walks and talk about what you see outside

    Hope this helps a bit!

  • 5 months means that baby is just entering the age where they are more interactive, playing, smiley and fun than ever! You have so much to look forward to with a baby this age. Julie did a great job of listing off some ideas for what to play and do with a baby this age, and I think she covered most things that i can think of. Have fun and let us know what your baby's favorite game/song/toy is! Jess
  • For a 5 month old baby, you are their best toy. 

    Sing nursery rhymes

    Play patty cake

    Tickle and roll around together

    Read stories

    Talk him for a walk in the park

    Take him to see the animals at the zoo 

    Swing in a hammock with him


  • My favorite is to lay on the bed with baby and just do whatever silly thing you can to make baby laugh. I currently have a five month old, my third, and our time bouncing on the bed together is some of the most precious time I have! Enjoy!

  • Donnatrupp-I would love to know if you have tried any of the suggestions that members have made and how things are going. What have you found to be your baby's favorite entertainment? We would LOVE an update! -Jess
  • Thank you to all, the suggestions really worked.  I found that if I read out loud to Jayden, he seems to be quite happy. Also, he is rolling over and lifting himself which he could do for minutes at a time.

    Donna Trupp Smile