Baby Traits

  • One thing that we frequently say on this board is that “every baby is different”. What works for one baby might not work for another. My son liked to be bounced around the house (not fun at 3am), while my daughter enjoyed having her carrier placed beside the drier when it was running (it was warm and rhythmic). One loved the bottle, while the other refused bottles altogether. My daughter has always been fiercely independent and my son is still super clingy. What are your baby’s unique traits?

  • My daughter isn't super independant or very clingy but somewhere in between. She like her playtime in her own but when she wants Mommy, she wants Mommy lol. She's a very happy baby for the most part, smiling and giggling more often then not and really only gets fussy, or cries, when she's either tired, hungry, or not feeling well.Oh and she LOVES new people. She is never afraid to let someone new hold her and she loves to stare at new faces. Men in particular seem to fascinate her and I think it's because there are so few of them around since I'm a single mom and almost all the people I work with are female (I work at a hospital so she sees a lot of nurses lol). The only man she really sees on a regular basis is her Grandpa.

    As a single mom I am sooooooo grateful that she's such a happy munchkin and that she sleep through the night for makes life much easier than I know some people have with their babies. Even my friends are amazed at how well behaved she is for being only 7 months old!

  • I have to brag on my mother. For mothers day i took her out to eat and bought her some she popped into my house and told me and my husband to go to town and not come back untill we are bored sensless, she said that it doesnt matter if its midnight when we come back that we need out of the house and to do it now. I LOVE MY MOM. she said it is my mothers day gift from her. I am so thankfull for my mom i dont know what i would do without her. Sorry i know it has nothing to with what yall are talking about but it does have to do with moms and i was so excited i just had to get it out

  • What an awesome gift nicole! Where can I get one? LOL

    PeytonsMomma, you're so lucky to have an easy-going baby. My older daughter was like that and it made being a single mom much easier to handle. With my little one now, I don't know how I'd do it by myself. She's got so much energy and demands a lot of attention. Thank goodness for her older sister, who is great at keeping the baby occupied when I need to get work done.



  • Oh my goodness, i just got thru looking trough all of the baby photos that everyone has posted and what beutifull bright eyed babies. So i decided to show off my little one too. I have posted 2 photos. check them out. I also commented on alot of the photos. So many precious babies. There are alot of proud moms out there.