Nighttime Diaper Problems

  • My 3 month old still sleeps in a bassinet in our room. She also sleeps on her tummy despite what the expert warn about SIDS. I have never been able to get to sleep on her back so I just left it alone. My issue is that she fills her diaper so much at night that she spills out of it, leaving her whole bed soaked. I didn't plan properly when picking out a bassinet so its not one that I can remove the cover and wash. So I have been spot cleaning it but I am not satisfied with that. I have started putting a extra sheet on top of the cover and placed a folded receiving blanket under her bottom but she still seems to find a way to soak it all the way through down to the cover.  I have been told to just wake her up and change her diaper but I really don’t want to mess up her sleeping through the night. I am looking for suggestions.

  • My son is the same way will not sleep on his back for anything, and had the same problem with the wetting. What I did was elevate the mattress at the head with a towel not to much to were they slide down but enough to help I also put down a couple of extra towels just incase. Hope this helps.

  • That's a great idea. My girls also refused to sleep on their backs or sides and we had simmilar issues. Have you looked into rubber sheets? You can usually get them anyplace baby bedding is sold and they're also covered with fabric, so it doesn't feel like you're sleeping on plastic. Even if you can't fit it to your bassinette, you can fold it up and lay it under the towels or sheets you regularly use. I think they also make waterproof pads, too.

    Unfortunately, this is one problem that you're going to have to wait out until your baby's bladder has more control.

  • I was having the same problem. I found these pads at target that are water proof (so they say) that work wonderfully. They are terry cloth on top and wash great. My 2 month old daugther seems to always pee after we remove her diaper. She has literally peed right on them and it didn't soak through. I got a 2pk for about $15, kind of expensive. You might give that a try.

  • We had the same problem with our daughter, it continued into her crib days as well (just a potential glimpse of the future Wink). For the bassinet we we're getting up to change her in the middle of the night so it wasn't as big of an issue, however you might try putting towels under her.

    I am not sure if the make them for bassinets, but for cribs the make plastic sheets to protect the mattress from that situation, you could look into those - or even get the crib ones and fold them up under a towel or the sheets you're currently using in the bassinet.

  • We used a two-pack waterproof bassinet mattress pad. They are small and just lie on top of the the mattress. We actually use them on top of the diaper changing pad also so that way we can just take it off right after the diaper change if it gets dirty. They are wonderful and they completely block all moisture from getting on the mattress. Our son slept with us in our bed and we never had a problem with anything ever soaking through to our own mattress. The pads are great. They are available at target, babies r us, and even walmart!

  • I would get up and change the diaper in the middle of the night because urine is very irritating to the skin. However, my children have never been good sleepers, so I may be the last person you want advice from. LOL. :)

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    i too am having the same problem with my daughter.what i did is.i bought some bedsheets and some clothes which we donot use.and all of them r of soft material because the baby shouldn't feel,i put one bedsheet into another and i have made it into a big this way i made two large rolls.and placed them on either side of baby in the bassinet.the roll should be big enough tht the baby cannot this way i have restricted her sleeping on her tummy.

  • It's not really a good idea to let the baby sleep in a wet diaper all night...i mean would you want to lay in pee all night????? sometimes waking them up is the best doesn't take very long and keeping yourself calm is a good idea.....babies respond to what you feel.....let them know its ok to be woke up to be changed but calm them down and they will peacefully fall back asleep.....good luck....

  • my doughter will be 5 months next week we had a problem with her peeing through also, huggies makes a overnight diapers, they are ment for babys who sleep through the night but i still put her in them, they hold more so she dosnt pee out quite as fast, only downfall they only come in size 3 and bigger and i have only been able to find size 3's online, and about the tummy thing she has been able to roll from almost day 1 and she always sleeps on her side her doctor said it was ok

  • An easy fix is to lay down one of those small thin pads that come with the diaper bags.  They are the perfect size for a bassinett and you can just tuck the sheet around it.  Also try switching diapers, with my daughter she did the best overnight with the wal-mart brand.

  • Many years ago my mother would put two diapers on my brother the first she put a hole in then the second on top of it, this makes is more absorbent.  She did go through 4 to 6 diapers a night 2 or 3 changings.  Good luck.

  • Frist if your baby likes to sleep on her tummy let her. My son is 6 months old and also kept him in his bassinet in till he couldn't fit in it anymore.  I ran in to the same probelm that you had. but my son didnt' sleep through night, like yours does.  If you don't this already i recommed that you change her diper before she goes to sleep. Thats what i started to do and it helps, i also used pampers baby dry they seemd to hold up longer. Other then that i don't what elese to say. She sleeps throught the night, your lucky on that one.