Newborn not my favorite baby stage

  • Feeling guilty over wanting a second baby so bad, trying for 2.5 years, giving up, conceiving, and now hating these first months. My 5 year old was difficult and I just forgot the feeding, sleeping, playtime, me time struggles. I love my son so much, but am finding myself wishing it was 6 months from now when he can sit up, play with toys, eat cherrios, sleep through the night, etc. Is it me or are other moms jealous of those "good baby's" who sleep through the night and are on a schedule at 6 weeks? BTW I'm reading everything from Week by Week, to Ferber, to Babywise. Nothing works.....yet. Any words or stategies to get me through these first few months? 

  • I have three that are younger than four, and when it gets to me, I just try to slow it down and take things minute by minute. Someday, as much trouble as they can be, we will regret that they aren't our babies anymore! Good luck and hang in there!

  • Oh goodness - you are SO NORMAL! I really am not in love with the newborn stage at all. They are adorable but talk about boring sometimes! Doing the same thing day in and day out is difficult and not getting much response as a reward. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE my boy to death but he is so much more FUN now that he is older. Don't beat yourself are not alone in your frustration. How old is your son right now? How long does he sleep for you during the day and night? Let me know and I'd love to try and help you out with some sleep ideas! Just remember that, really, babies are not scheduled kind of people. ;-) It's hard because we certainly are! Babies take some time to adjust to a scheduled life and they need food, diaper changes, sleep, etc. when they need it...another frustrating thing! Thankfully, they all get onto a schedule sooner or later. I think sometimes it helps to just chuck all those books and listen to your instincts. Anyway - this is getting long-write me back and hang in there!!
  • The newborn phase is difficult. Just try not to "wish" it away..because he won't be little much longer. Sounds like you are doing your best to get him on a schedule..just keep being consistent and things will fall into place. Don't beat yourself up for not "loving it" though. It is a difficult age!