Need tips on sleeping

  • My son is 7 months almost 8 months old now. He was sleeping thru the night his 3 and 4 month. Now he gets up twice a night. Having hard time getting him back to sleep. Need some pointers on how to get him to sleep thru the night again.

  • Sproudy- Sleep issues are HUGE on the boards and you bring a very good question to the board. I just posted an answer to TXMamaBear on her post right above yours. She asked for help with separation anxiety and I wrote about how to put baby down for nap. I can't copy it bc it's in route to being approved by the moderator, so go and check out that post. Let us know if you have further questions. -Jess
  • Thanks Jess I did read that post. I have been doing that method already for about 3 months. When i put him in his crib for naps and bedtime he goes right to sleep. He wakes up at around the same times every night and early morning. But wont go back to sleep. He will cry until I cant handle it anymore and Dad needs his sleep for he works long hours. Any other Ideas...

  • Around his age, babies go through a growth spurt. It may be that he needs more food during the day. Are you feeding him baby foods now? He may just need a bit more to eat during the day so he sleeps better at night. If he continues to get up at night, have your pediatrician check him over to be sure he doesn't have fluid in his ears which may be bothering him at night. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

  • Sproudy-I think that Mommyrn4 has some really good thoughts here. I read your response and then was thinking-gosh I wonder if this baby is hungry-and then Mommyrn4 addressed that. You might try adjusting feeding some, or perhaps one nighttime feeding and see if that helps. I also agree that a visit to the doc might be in order. Keep us posted on how things are going. I know other members will benefit as well as sleep is a huge subject on the boards. Take care, Jess
  • Well Just giving you all an update. Took him to doctor today. No fluid in ears, they look perfect. But does have a viral throat infection. Still doesnt expalin the not sleeping for the last couple months. Sleeping seems to be not the issue right now. And with the eating, he eats alot during the day. I am feeding him at night when he wakes up too. I guess we will see how things go after his poor little throat gets bettter. I did put his 2 favorite stuffed animals in there with him, it seems to help a little bit. He will play with them for about 30- 45 minutes along with the crying and then fall asleep but I get to worried about them being in the crib with him.

    Thanks for all the tips.

  • Glad to hear that your little one is getting better. Keep up the good work. Unfortunately, getting kids to sleep is a challenge for many years! Good luck.

  • Johnsons makes a bedtime bath and lotion that is clinically proven to help babies sleep better. A nice warm tub with the wash then lotion and some cozy pj's always put my daughter right to sleep when she was younger. Im now dealing with my daughter getting up every two hours throughout the night to eat. Shes eating off our plates plus her own snakes and a bottle every two hours throughout the day so i just dont get it. She's not overweight though she's actually in the 50%. Good luck with everything!

  • well i have two daughters one is 16 months and the other is 3 months .... the oldest started to sleep through the night since 3 months old and my youngest is already sleepying thrrough the night.. but wat i did is tht since they where born i started teaching them that the night is 4 sleeping ... when they got up for a feeding i would just turn on a lamp so it would stll b a lil dark, i would change her daiper burp her and put her back i the crib no talking to her or playing anything like that cuz theyll think its play time , also give them a bath before going to sleep but wat i do is tht i play with them for like an hour b4 giving them a bath so they can get tired so when they take the bath they relax and as soon as they out they fall asleep

  • OmgeLuna-

    You sure have it all down when it comes to sleep issues!  I am impressed by the tactics that you list in working to get that baby to sleep-and it's just what the specialists suggest!  nice work!  please keep us in the loop with how things are going,