The moments that melt your heart

  • What are some of the moments that your baby does that stops you in your tracks and melts your heart ???

    Me- it doesnt matter how bad a day i am having or how frustrated i am when my baby girl looks up at me with those huge grey eyes, and holds her gaze. I cant help but smile and think to myself how precious life really is.

    What about You???

  • My 4 month old daughter melts my heart when she is upset and she lays her head on my shoulder. She doesn't do it very often, so its very special when she does. It warms my heart!
  • Those first hugs and signs that you are something special to your baby are some of the most precious in life. Even now with my two-year-old, it's still heartwarming. The other day, she laid her head on my older daughter's lap while I was drying her hair. When my older daughter asked her sister why she laid her head on her lap, my little one just said, "Because I love you!" like it was the most obvious thing in the world. It was such a sweet moment.

  • Hugs. Any time I get a hug from my children it still warms my heart. I hope I never take them for granted.

  • When it's 2:30 in the morning and I just want to SLEEP and he kicks and screams through the diaper change and won't let me put the bottle in his mouth even though he's hungry......after I finally get the darn thing in he looks at me with eyes that say, "I love you Mommy."

  • There are many things that both my children do to melt my heart everyday.  My son, who will be turning 4 soon is now a big brother to his 2 month old sister.  When we went to her 2 month well check, she had to get shots.  I explained to my son beforehand that she would cry, but that she would be okay in a couple minutes.  After it was over, we were walking out to the car, and he said softly"Mommy, I don't like it when she cries like that"  I asked "Why?" thinking maybe his answer would be along the lines of "because she's loud!" or something like that - but, he said "Because I love her!"  I smiled all the way home.  Big Smile

  • The first time my duaghter told me she loved me out of the blue... can't beat it.


  • I would have to say when my daughter actually smiled at me for the first time. And everytime she does it for no reason- she's just happy and loves me Big Smile

  • My daughter is 10 days old and when she looks at me with her huge eyes I feel that it is the best feeling in the world. I feel her heart and little soul connecting with mine.

  • My daughter is 4 and my son is a month old.  I think it's so sweet when my daughter asks if she can help do things for her brother.  It was also cute yesterday when we were out at the store.  She saw a baby girl in a shopping cart and she started talking about how cute the baby was.  After a minute she looked in our cart at her brother and said the other baby was cute, but not as cute as her little brother.  She's a very proud big sister!

    Some of my favorite moments with my son are when I'm sitting holding him and he's looking up at me.  I also think it's sweet when his sister comes over to help feed him and he looks up at her and just stares.  So far things are going really well between the two of them and I know it won't last forever, I just hope that they can develop a close, strong relationship.

  • My Daughter will be one month old on the 25th of this month, and I'd have to say the moments that melt my heart are when she is screaming, fussing and nothing I do is working, and I start to get frustrated, but then I take her in my arms and hold her close to my heart, and she calms down and looks up at me with her baby blue eyes and gives me the smile and stare that shows me how she loves me. Only then do I realize that life is precious and even though I'm frustrated, I should cherish the moments I have every day with her.


    I'd also say that when she is sleeping, she is so peaceful, and quite calm, and when you look at a baby and see them peaceful, it calms you.


    Another moment that melted my heart was when she cooed for the first time and smiled at me--

  • the other night i was rocking my 5 month old in the rocker and i looked down at him and noticed he was staring at me. i didnt say anything i just smiled at him and he smiled right back. made me tear up!!

    last night he also said mama. well it was more like "lma lma" but he repeated me, i never felt more proud of my little man!