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  • i was just wondering around what age to babies start to roll over and sit up my daughter almost 6 months and she can almost roll over but its been like that the past month and half shes not quiet sure what shes suppost to do with her arm lol

  • Every baby is an individual, but in general, most babies can get from their tummy to their back around 3 months, and then can do the back to tummy roll around 5-6 months.  About the same time as they cn do back to tummy they are able to sit up.  This all has to do with head control, so once they master the head control milestone lookout!

    Keep us posted on how your little one is doing!


  • The American Academy of Pediatrics says that by 7 months or so your baby should begin to know how to roll from side to side. Your little one seems to be just fine according to that timeline. They stress that every baby is different and has their own learning curve. Just continue to work on tummy time with her and she will get it before you know it!

  • How is your little one doing with rolling over now...did she get it? My kids took their good sweet time rolling over and crawling. Just keep giving her tummy time and she'll get it!

  • Babies develop at their own pace... it sounds like yours is doing fine. To stimulate further development, provide plenty of tummy time and keep some toys just out of reach to encourage baby to start moving. I have a seven month old daughter who is in the same stage. My oldest didn't crawl until she was 10 months and then the next day she walked... they don't care about our timetables! Good luck!

  • shes rolled over once but i think she had help from the edge on the play mat she plays on i have been doing tummy time everyday shes almost to the point were she can get over and thanks for all the advice everyone

  • runningstar5-it sounds like she is making some progress.  I wanted to suggest that you encourage her to roll over working with her daily with toys and cheering words.  I met with a mom today with a baby in a similar situation.  She said that she puts baby on her tummy and then helps her roll by bribing her in reaching for a toy and then lots of cheering when she gets it.  She said that their daily therapy sessions her baby is really making good rolling over progress!  She shared with me that the more she helped the baby with this progress the stronger she got and she is now doing it on her own!  Just wanted to share as i thought of you when i met this mom today.

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