Hair pulling

  • My daughter is 6 (alomost 7...holy cow where did the time go?) months old.  She has recently started pulling hair.  I know she obviously doesn't do it to be mean, she's just exploring her world, but good gracious it hurts!  Does anyone have any suggestions for teaching her that it's not ok to pull?  I've tried unwrapping her grip and saying no, but it hasn't fact she apparently thinks the word "no" is some kind of hilarious joke based on the giggles I get from it.  I was able to teach her not to hit faces by telling her to be soft and showing her what that meant, but I'm getting nothing with this.  She also pulls on our dog's fur, and although our dog is very sweet and hasn't ever bitten anyone before, I worry that one day she might without realizing it (I don't worry too much about this--our dog loves Avery.  You'd think her face was beef flavored the way the dog licks it).

    Anyway, any advice on how to stop the hair pulling?

  • I know what you going through because I'm going through the same thing with my son. I tried so many things to make him stop but so far nothing worked. I guess they just have to grow out of that. 

    Since that my hair is long I make a bun and that kind of helps. Smile Except that I'm starting to get headaches from those buns.

    If you come up with something that makes your daughter stop pulling hair please let me know.

  • Goodness, I think hair pulling is a hard one. Babies just naturally are grabbers and very curious at your daughter's age! I had to stop wearing dangly earrings or necklaces and put my hair into a pony tail often when my son was this age. I would continue to just talk to her and put her down when she pulls hair or try to distract her with something else. Maybe offer her a different object to pull on or play with instead of your hair. As for the dog, I just had to keep a close eye on my son with our dog. He is also a very gentle dog but I think any dog has his/her limits. I made sure to give the dog a break with throwing the ball for him every now and then in the yard to reward him for being so patient with our son. Eventually, your daughter will understand the concept of no and can be redirected but for a while...I think it's just a matter of keeping a close eye on her. :-) Getting a superyard/play yard can be nice for setting her down in with toys and having the dog be outside of it if you need to take your eyes off of her. Look online for a secondhand one or you can find them at Walmart/Target. Good luck!
  • sgmitch-

    This is a great question.  I think that you did an amazing job getting your baby to stop hitting.  That is a hard habit to break.  I have several suggestions in regard to the hair pulling.  First of all try to keep your hair pulled back or up so that she can't reach it.  If she has nothing to get at it will keep her from doing this routinely.  Second, I would not react when she pulls it.  Eg-don't say  "OWE" and jump.  Rather, do just as you have been-take her hand away and say "Gentle".  That seemed to work well for her hitting.  You could then have her stroke your shoulder as you say gentle so she associates a new behavior with this.  I will be interested to hear what other members have to say on this topic!

    Good luck,