bath time

  • my sone is 12 weeks and hate baths any advice to help him enjoy bath time 

  • Janicelavell- Gosh I wonder what it is that he hates.....Where are you bathing him-sink or baby tub? How are you determining what temp of water? Is the tube uncomfortable for him? Do you think he might feel unsupported? Babies that age still like to feel snug and secure-so Im wondering if the tub feels big and frightening to him. Is he staying warm enough? My suggestion is this: Start having bath time in a small tub or sink. The next step is to make the tub more comfortable. There are two ways to do this. One is to line the tube with light cotton blankets or towels making a cradle for the baby, then fill the tub up over this. This way the baby feels nice and secure in the tube. It's a hassle as then you have very wet linens, but babies love this. The other option is to keep the baby in your hands while bathing him so he is not ever flat on cold plastic tub or sink. Next thing is to make sure the room is warm enough for him. There is nothing worse than taking a bath in a freezing room! You might bath him in the bath room where you can warm up the room. On the topic of being warm-throw his towel in the dryer while he is bathing so that when ready you can pull him from the tub into a nice warm towel. Bundle him right up so he doesn't get cold. Also during tub time you might start a tradition of having fun songs to sing, or a kids cd to play. Something to make the task more fun. So, this is how i did bath time with infants at the children's hospital I worked at. I also had the luxury there of having a heat lamp to use while baby was in the tub. Hope that this helps a bit, let me know how things go! -Jess Check water temp and make sure not to hot or
  • JessBabyRN has some great ideas! I also used to throw on a swimsuit sometimes and get in the bath with him. Of course you don't have to do that all the time but it's a fun way to play with your baby sometimes. :-)
  • Are you still sponge bathing him or are you putting him in a baby bath tub? That could make a does the temperature of the water and the air temp around him. 

  • Janice-I just reread my post from earlier this week and hope you will forgive the typos! Sorry about that. I wanted to see how things are going for you and baby. Drop us a line with an update! :) -Jess