way too fast to keep up with almost 7 month baby!!!

  • My lil one is almost 7 months old, and she is way out there. She's trying to balance , although she can hold on the edge of things and walk, she doesn't crawl much anymore, and even though she can't balance she tries to climb!!!! She also babbles a lot which is cute and calls out "mamma" or "amma" when daddy catches her upto mischief.

    For the last few weeks she hasn't been sleeping through the nights which is odd for her since she's been sleeping through the nights since she was 2 days. She would wake up around 2 or 3 am and start babbling, and wanting to play and it gets soo hard to get her to go back to sleep. We tried feeding her but she wouldn't have it , and we would change her and rock her and nothing helps, and when we don't get up to play with her she's screaming a high pitched scream. I don't know what more to do anymore. I've tried even keeping her up in the afternoon instead of letting her nap so she'd be tired by night. I'm a full time student and it's hard to get through classes with just 3 or 4 hours of sleep. Any suggestions ?

  • Wow! Your little lady is 7 months going on 7 years! It sounds like she is right on track if not a bit ahead on all her milestones. So far as the sleep issues, this is hard, but if you don't reinforce her getting up she will give up on the idea. She seems to think that there is a middle of the night party to be had! So, the best thing you can do is go to her room when she wakes, help snuggle her back in with a blanket, binki or stuffed animal that offers her comfort-and then leave her. Don't make eye contact with her when you go in to her room, and keep your tone quiet. If she learned that when she wakes up and screams she gets to play, then she will continue to get up and scream for party time. She will probably have to cry it out for a night or two, but she sounds very smart so will learn quickly. Let us know how it goes, Jess
  • At about 6 plus months, many babies have some disruptions in their sleep. It can either be caused by teething, growth spurts, or some separation anxiety. Just make sure your little girl is not in any kind of pain or hunger mode. If so, she will need some comforting. If she isn't, than simply going to her and reassuring her that you are there might help her but I wouldn't do a ton of playing at night. That will reinforce her desire to get up. I might rock or hold her for a little while and lay her back down. If she keeps getting up, go in and pat her back or soothe her but skip the play if you can help it at all. Hang in there - her sleep will probably go back to normal soon!