my baby girl was born on august 4th 2012 and i adopted her on September 11th 2012 when she got home the only thing she drinks is Similac ready to feed because they used to give it to her in the hospital, i live in Dubai, UAE and i looked every where for it because she didnt like to drink any other milk even powdered similac, so i decided to order it from America for her and i also ordered the powder similac advance for her and she drank it. i found out that the one they sell in Dubai is different from the one they sell in the states! even the stages is different in Dubai its from birth to 6 months and you have to switch to the one for 6 months to 12 i dont know why, any ways i now buy her the one she likes from the us but its expansive with the shipping to Dubai but its worth it to see her happy and well feed, in this photo she was 3 months 6 days old.