Baby formula feeding and infant nutrition

Guides for moms getting started with baby formula

At some point during your baby's 1st year, you might decide to switch to baby formula. Here is where you'll learn about the Similac® formula options available to you and your baby.


Similac for Supplementation

For breastfeeding moms who choose to introduce formula

Similac® For Supplementation has prebiotics for digestive health and helps provide a gentle introduction to formula.

Closeup of mother's hands assembling baby bottle.

Getting started: choosing and using baby formula

Deciding to switch to baby formula is a big decision; however, there are a few more choices you need to make. Here is where you will find the information you need to get started.

Assorted baby bottles.

All about bottles and nipples

There is no exact science to selecting the bottle and nipple your baby will prefer, but it helps to understand the basics before you begin.

How to make a bottle

How to make a bottle

Knowing how to make a baby bottle safely can help ease your mind and keep you ready whenever your baby gets hungry.

Closeup of baby holding bottle, feeding.

Is your baby getting enough baby formula?

Once you switch to baby formula, it remains important to know how much formula to feed your baby. Here is how you can start keeping track.

Introducing baby to the bottle

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