If you choose to introduce formula

Guides for moms who breastfeed

At some point, you might decide to supplement your breast milk with baby formula. Whether you are planning a return to work or experiencing problems pumping, the following guides will help you learn how and when to supplement properly.

Mother's hand holding bottle, feeding baby.

Introducing your baby to the bottle

Getting your baby to take a bottle might take a little work. Here are some ways that might help make it easier.

Mother cradling baby in her lap, feeding bottle.

How formula supplementing affects your baby

You might notice several differences in how your baby eats after you begin supplementing breast milk with formula. Learn what to expect and how to manage the changes.

Similac for Supplementation

For breastfeeding moms who choose to introduce formula

Similac® For Supplementation has prebiotics for digestive health and helps provide a gentle introduction to formula.

Closeup of mother's hand feeding baby bottle.

Supplementing: Is your baby eating enough?

Once you start supplementing breast milk with formula, it can be tough to tell when your baby has eaten enough. This guide can help you keep track.

Have a mobile device?

Have a mobile device?

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Introducing baby to the bottle

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