Having feeding problems?
Use the Tummy Trouble Tool

Developed with pediatrician and mom Dr. Susan May,* the Tummy Trouble Tool will give you customized results so you can help your baby - and you - feel better.

Tummy Trouble Tool

Question 1: How old is your baby? 
My baby is:

 0 to 2 weeks
 3 to 4 weeks
 1 to 3 months
 4 to 6 months
 7 to 12 months

Question 2: What do you feed your baby? 
In addition to solids (if applicable), I feed my baby:

 Breast milk only
 Breast milk and formula
 Formula only

Question 3: How often does your baby cry? 
My baby cries:

 Often, for no apparent reason
 Only when hungry, tired, or wet
 3+ hours at a time, many days

Question 4: Does your baby have difficulty releasing gas? 
My baby:

 Has painful gas
 Seems to have a lot of gas
 Has no problem with gas

Question 5: What are your baby's stools like? 
My baby’s stools are:

 Hard and dry (like gravel)
 Watery and frequent

Question 6: What color are your baby's stools? 
My baby's stools are:

 Bright red, black, or gray
 Yellow, green, or brown

Question 7: How often does your baby spit up? 
My baby:

 Spits up frequently
 Seems to vomit more than spit up
 Rarely spits up

Question 8: Is there a family history of eczema, asthma, or any other allergy? 

 Yes, there is a family history of allergies.
 There is no family history of allergies.
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*Dr. Susan J. May, M.D., F.A.A.P. (Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics), is the mom of two children, and is a retired Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics at The Ohio State University College of Medicine.

Talk to your doctor before making changes to your baby's nutrition routine or to your own health and exercise routines.

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