Your Weekly Pregnancy Development: Week 27

Your baby might know your voice and your partner's voice

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Your baby is getting more active and attentive

Week 27: Your baby begins to recognize the sound of your voice

Your baby gets very active at 27 weeks, and you’ll likely feel it very soon. Here are some other changes she's going through:

  • At Week 27, your baby probably weighs almost 2 pounds, and is about the length of a head of broccoli.
  • Her lungs, liver, and immune system keep maturing.
  • She might know your voice and your partner's voice.
  • During Week 27, your baby is as much as four times longer than she was during the 12th week of pregnancy.


Your Week 27 nutrition and health

An easy way to manage your weight gain

As you’re getting close to completing your 2nd trimester, you should keep your weight gain in perspective. Keeping a food diary will help you get a realistic look at your eating patterns. After a week, review what you’ve written and ask yourself: Are my food choices providing my developing baby and me with enough of the right nutrients? Where can I make some healthy adjustments? You can also bring your diary to your next doctor’s appointment and ask him to weigh in with some suggestions.


Go to for a free online dietary assessment tool you can use to keep track of your daily dietary choices.

Remember not to be too hard on yourself. If you gave in to that craving for ice cream one day, it’s OK. Indulging in cravings is fine if you do so in moderation. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Write as you eat. Don’t depend on your memory at the end of the day.
  • Be specific. Indicate whether there’s mustard on your bread, cheese on your burger, or sour cream on your baked potato.


Make exercise fun and social
By now you might have met other pregnant women at the gym, at childbirth classes, or at work. Consider meeting with other expectant moms for a walk. Just be sure to consult your doctor before doing any new physical exercise.

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Signs of preterm labor

At 27 weeks pregnant, you are nearly finished with your 2nd trimester. Nutrition is still a really important part of your routine, now and through the rest of your pregnancy. Now is also a great time to learn the signs of preterm labor

Preterm labor is when contractions start before the 37th week of pregnancy. Some signs of preterm labor include:

  • Contractions that feel different than false contractions, which are medically classified as Braxton-Hicks contractions
    • Braxton-Hicks contractions are irregular, weak contractions that vary in length and intensity and typically stop when you rest, walk, or change positions.
  • Contractions that occur at regular intervals, that are consistent, or that become more intense
  • Contractions with lower back pain, cramps, or other pain
  • Changes in your vaginal discharge that include spotting or bleeding
  • Water that is excreted from your vagina

If you experience symptoms of preterm labor, call your doctor.

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